Grace Park by Margarita Fores at One Rockwell.

Since I skipped dinner and just had a Starbucks sandwich on the way over to Rockwell, I was dying of hunger after the launch night of Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 (read my blog entry about the event).  But by the time we were done, it was past mall hours so everything was closed!  Good thing our friends remembered the strip of restaurants in One Rockwell.  We walked towards that area and went to Grace Park.

The server led us to the second floor since the tables on the first floor were all taken.

Design-wise, the place seemed like it belonged to a hole-in-the-wall somewhere in Greenhills or Quezon City.  Not saying that in a bad way though.  I love the industrial look.  It's just surprising to see something like this in the area.

My favorite decor is this shadow of a cat.  It looked so real under the dim lights.

Love the mismatch-y concept of the table setting.  The utensils are surprisingly light though.

The menu is covered by piece from a carton box.  T got the one that said "This Side Up". 

I went downstairs to go to the washroom before eating.  While waiting for my turn, I noticed the brick wall covering the kitchen. 

And also the kitchen doors.  Nice.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog posts HERE and HERE, I don't usually take photos of washrooms unless there's something unique about them.  It was a little bit eerie with the dim lighting and tons of mirrors but the washroom smelled nice.

Sorry to jump from the washroom to food but here goes.

For our starters, T got the Chicharon Baked 2 Ways: Salmon Roe and Prosciutto (P225/$6).  If you're a chicharon lover, you'll like this dish.  I like it even more because I LOVE cream cheese!  Never thought that the two would go well with each other.  But they did!  

T and I loved it so much that we got another order.

Nike guy Jino Ferrer got the OMG Burger (P795/$20).  This is the first dish to arrive.

Someone looks hungry ;)

Not long after came my Muscovado Beef Belly (P510/$12.75).  It isn't as sweet as I thought it would be but very filling since there's two fat pieces of tender beef belly.  Love the marbled potatoes, too.

T got the River Prawns in Anchovy Butter (P795/$20).

It looked so huge when we first saw it so there were a lot of "oohhhs" and "aaahs" while the server was putting the plate down.  But when we looked closely, the heads were huge, but not the body itself.  I'm not sure if T was satisfied with the size of the meal.  I wouldn't be.  But T said the dish was tasty.

Syg got the Gramigna Smoked Tomatoes and Somked White Cheese Pasta (P380/$9).  It took forever to arrive and when it did, I could see in her face that it wasn't what she expected.  To hide her disappointment, Syg just laughed and joked that it looked like lomi (to my foreign readers, lomi is an inexpensive Filipino-Chinese noodle dish).  But she said it tasted ok.

I really wanted to try their Key Lime Pie but when we called a server to order dessert, he said that the kitchen was closed already.   But prior to that, no one asked if we had any "last orders".  Another disappointment.  Sigh.

Thumbs Up
Interesting interior.

Thumbs Down
Really wanted to try their dessert but the servers did not ask us if we had any last orders before they closed the kitchen.   
The people at the cashier area upstairs were not that friendly.  Even felt the "we're irritated" vibe whenever I talk to them. 
The servers were ok, just not as attentive or friendly as those in other restaurants that we've dined in.

I never really like going to places when the staff isn't friendly or attentive. But maybe T and I will give this place another try.

Grace Park
Dining Date: 30 April 2013

Ground Floor
One Rockwell Building 
Rockwell Drive
Makati City

Tel No.: +63 (2) 843-PARK or +63 (2) 843-7275
Mobile Nos.: +63 (939) 93 GRACE or +63 (939) 934-7223
+63 (917) 513-8945 

Operating Hours: 
11 am to 3 pm
6 am to 11 pm

*part of the "Where to eat in Rockwell?" series


  1. I've read good raves about their meatballs and chicharron! baka servers were too tired already since it was almost closing time hehe still not an excuse to be friendly to customers!

  2. My kind of place! Got excited at the thought of a hole-in-the-wall resto in Makati but when I read your review about the service(and saw the picture of the "lomi"), got disappointed too.

  3. Nakakatakam yung chicharon. Will definitely try this.

  4. I hate it when you pay a lot but the service is crappy. :|

  5. Awts, that not-too-good service is sad. I have always thought that Miss Gaita's restos (Cibo, Cafe Bola) had great service. Still, I'd love to try this resto when I come home if only for the chicharon and beef belly!

  6. the pasta doesn't look appetizing nga :( But the muscovado beef belly does :) the rustic look of the place seems interesting but sana they could work on their service..


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