Felix in Greenbelt 5.

Felix is always a no-fail choice (a.k.a. always gets a good review) for me and T.  We even celebrated Valentines there two years ago (read about my blog post about Valentines Day in Felix).

I never noticed this nice area outside.  If it were only a bit cooler, T and I would probably sit here instead of indoors.

There's a huge menu there so you can see the dishes they offer.

This is the main dining area.

I like the bushes, leaves or whatever it is you call them that they added around the booth area.

Their menu is nice and colorful, too.

The server gave us warm bread while waiting.

We got the Fuyubare Soup (P175/$4.50) made of pumpkin, carrot and chestnuts. The soup had a tangy twist to it.  T and I liked it.

T asked me to choose a salad and since I was unusually craving for foie gras (I don't eat duck), I chose the Sonoma Salad (P595/$15) which is pan-fried foie gras and mesclun greens, drizzled with balsamic glaze.  It was good.

We also got Ostrea (P375/$9.50) which is baked oysters in spinach and bacon.  There are other choices available: cream cheese & basil (P350/$8.75) and tomatoes & anchovies (P350/$8.75).  But we always stick to spinach and bacon.  Yum!

For his main, T got the Feliciano (P495/$12.50) which is Chef Florabel's award winning adobo with kesong puti, garlic rice and tomato salad. 

I usually get salmon or seabass but this time I got the Mariana (P795/$20) which is grilled lapu-lapu with prawn salad, served with three grains risotto and asparagus tempura.  I really liked this dish. 

Instead of dessert, I got a cup of Nepresso Cappuccino (P140/$3.50).

Each cup comes with a bar of ChocoMani.  It tasted like Chocnut, one of my favorite sweets.

T got Abi (P165/$4) which is Creme Brulee, a classic custard with a delicate sugar glaze.  And even if I told myself I wouldn't eat anymore, I got one of these three pans from T.

T said he read from GQ (I got him a subscription ;)) that Whiskey goes well with Creme Brulee so he ordered a shot.

No wonder Felix was hailed as one of the best restaurants.  Good dishes at reasonable prices.

Thumbs Up!
Good food.
Nice ambiance.
Reasonable prices.
Friendly servers.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

Like I said, this place is a no fail for me and T so we will definitely be back!

Dining Date: 28 April 2013

Greenbelt 5
Legaspi Street
Legaspi Village
Ayala City
Makati City

Tel No.: +632 729-9062 


  1. I miss Felix! The first and only time that I got to eat there was when I was with my client. I was ashamed to take photos but I have a snap of their free chocolate bar. =) I wish I could go back here when I'm in Makati. =)

  2. haven't tried Felix yet.. cool! they have customized chocomani :) love it! Everything you ordered looks great especially the main courses :) Now im hungry!


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