Bono Tei: A Hidden Japanese Treasure in the South.

Whenever we feel like eating somewhere different, T and I go to BF Homes Paranaque and look for a new place we haven't tried before. It was T who spotted this Japanese restaurant called Bono Tei.

You can see it along El Grande Avenue with Japanese lanterns hanging across the entrance.

Upon entering, you will see the indoor restaurant to your left.

But since it was a beautiful evening, T and I decided to stay outdoors.  We dined here last February when the weather was still cool.  Oh, I miss those days.

Beside our table is a pond filled with lucky Koi fish.

There are Japanese lanterns everywhere.  T and I felt like we were in Japan.   Even more so since majority of the people dining there that night were Japanese.

Now on to the food.

T ordered his usual Spicy Tuna Salad (P180/$4.50).  The serving size was so small but the tuna was fresh.

For the makimono, I got the Chef Specialty Roll (P295/$7.50). This is good.

For our veggies, T got this.  I'm not sure what it was but I found it plain and so-so.

T also got Japanese Beef Diced Steak (P320/$7).  The beef was soft and tender but again, the serving size was really small and there was too much butter.

I regretted ordering a Ripe Mango Shake (P120/$3) because it was too cold and my teeth were chattering by the time I was halfway through my glass. 

I did this pose after eating in Tsukiji (read my blog post about Tsukiji).  So I'll do it again here.  Arigato Gozaimasu!

Thumbs Up!
Friendly servers.
Really great ambiance!

Thumbs Down!
Serving size of dishes are a bit small.

For now, this still doesn't make it to the list of our favorite Japanese places.  But T and I want to go back to try the other dishes on the menu.  There must be a reason why most of the diners are Japanese (which usually means they have really authentic food!).   Maybe we just ordered wrong.

Bono Tei Japanese Restaurant
Dining Date: 9 February 2013

333 El Grande cor Jakarta St
BF Homes
Paranaque City

Tel No.: +632 825-6330

*Part of the "Where to eat in BF Homes Paranaque?" series


  1. Lovely place! :) Kaso parang bitin nga yung servings. :\

  2. Try the Mt. Fuji roll; one of my favourite sushi dish there. Bono Tei has been my favourite Japanese restaurant in the south especially because the staff treat my son,who has autism, very well, always remembering to serve him his favourite tempura "crunchies". Yes, their food is authentic and traditional. And I love that they play 80s music on weekends. Itadakimasu.

    1. Hi Anon, thanks for sharing :) It's been a while since we've been here. We'll try the Mt Fuji next time!


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