Davao (part 6): Pearl Farm Resort and Ylang Ylang Spa.

continued from part 5...

As we were nearing the resort, everyone on the boat could hear tribal music playing. 

Davao (part 5): T'Boli Weaving Center and Malipano Island.

continued from part 4...

Day 2

Pearl Farm Jetty and Hotel

The next day, we rented a van from our city hotel to take us to Pearl Farm Jetty and Hotel.  This is the waiting area for our boat trip to Pearl Farm Resort. 

Just a little tip: Don't bring any perishable food items.

Before going here, Mom and I bought pasalubong (gifts) for our friends and family back home.  But since food and drinks are not allowed in Pearl Farm Resort, they made us leave everything.  We have no problem with that though as they kept our pasalubongs safe until we returned.

Davao (part 4): Jack's Ridge.

continued from part 3...

Our last stop was Jack’s Ridge, which is a strip of restaurants perched high on a cliff. Because of its location, it offers the best view of the sunset in Davao. 

Davao (part 3): The Crocodile Park and Sweet Spot Ice Cream.

continued from part 2...

Our next stop was Davao Crocodile Park.

Davao (part 2): Eden Nature Park & Resort - The Skyrider.

continued from part 1...

The Skyrider

After the tour, I went to the activity area. I'm an adrenaline junkie so I always seek for some sort of adventure whenever I go on a trip. I found a ride called the "Skyrider", where I would be hanging from long steel cables through a harness strapped around my body.  The fee for the ride is only P150/$4.

This isn't my first zipline though.  The first one was in Negros Occidental years back (read my blog post on Mambukal Hot Springs). But for some reason, I had butterflies in my stomach while they were putting on the harness.

Davao (part 1): Eden Nature Park & Resort - The Day Tour.

Day 1
17 July 2012

Two weeks after my Guimaras trip with T last year (read my blog posts on Guimaras), I went to Davao with my mom.   We only had a day to spend in the city so our hotel suggested that we go to Eden Nature Park and Resort.

Jozu Kin: The Japanese Gold.

After shopping in Forever 21 at the SM Aura Premier, T and I went to Jozu Kin, another Japanese restaurant in Burgos Circle (read my blog post about Keizo Japanese Restaurant) for dinner.  It's not our first time here but I don't think I was able to blog about our previous visits. 

Forever 21 Now Open at the SM Aura Premier.

While everyone went gaga over Sarah Jessica Parker at the SM Aura Premier yesterday, I just wanted to shop.

Don't get me wrong.   I would love to have a photo with her but I knew it'd probably be impossible since everyone wants the same thing.  Plus, I came from a meeting somewhere far away and by the time I got to SM Aura, SJP already left.

The next best thing?  Forever 21!

Thanks Maxx Magalona! :)

Chili's Drink All You Can Margarita.

Since elections is over and liquor ban has already been lifted in the Philippines (woohoo!), I can now write about a promo of Chili's that I recently re-discovered.  I really don't drink that much but for some reason that night, I wanted a margarita.  And so Chili's it was!

Margarita Madness (P300/$7.50) is the promo that I'm talking about.  I recall Chili's already had this a while back. I don't know if the promo just returned or it's been going on ever since, whatever.  I'm just glad they have it :)

Bono Tei: A Hidden Japanese Treasure in the South.

Whenever we feel like eating somewhere different, T and I go to BF Homes Paranaque and look for a new place we haven't tried before. It was T who spotted this Japanese restaurant called Bono Tei.

OOTD: It's Summer!

I'm not really a fashion blogger (well, I don't really consider myself a food blogger... ok, so I don't even call myself a real blogger!) but I thought I'd do a few OOTD posts throughout the week since it's one of the easier things to do.

But before anything else, "What is OOTD?"  

OOTD stands for "Outfit Of The Day".  Just snap a photo of your outfit and describe what you're wearing.  That's it!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there who read Joei & Me! Hope your family is spoiling you lots today ;)

My Birthday Giveaway (2nd Year): Win a Pair of Sunglasses! (CLOSED)

Update (15 June 2013): This giveaway is now closed! I will email the winners by the end of the month.  Thank you everyone for joining! :)


Firmoo, an online leader in quality eyewear, wrote to tell me that they will be sponsoring my birthday giveaway again.  We had a really successful one last year and I'm so glad we'll get to do it again!

To those who weren't able to join last time and are not familiar with the company, I discovered Firmoo when I had an eye problem last year caused by long hours of reading and computer use.  Because I had to rest my eyes, my opthalmologist prohibited me from using contact lenses.  I panicked because I had a couple of out-of-town trips planned and it was out of the question for me to wear prescription glasses on the beach.  I went to all local optical shops but not of them can make my fashion sunglasses into prescription ones.  That's when I found out about Firmoo.

This is me wearing my other Firmoo sunglasses en route to Dos Palmas, Palawan (still have to write a post about this!).  Since I usually prefer not to wear contact lenses during a plane ride or a boat ride, my Firmoo sunnies are just perfect. 

Let's go on with the giveaway, shall we? :)

Solar Eclipse 2013.

I'm always one to say "Oh, there's a comet shower later!" and I wait up until the wee hours of the morning to see... Well, nothing. So curious about stars, constellations and whatever it is we have in the heavens above.  But to date, I've only seen one "phenomenon" in the sky and by accident, at that.  I was on the road when I saw something bright in the sky.  I only had a few milliseconds to see the shooting star but that was enough for me.  Yes, I'm obsessed like that ;)

So when I heard there's an upcoming "event" tomorrow or the day after that (May 9 or 10 Eastern Time), I was ecstatic.

Image credit: Bill Nye The Science Guy

Ramen Yushoken in Molito Alabang.

For some reason, ramen have really hit it big in the Philippines lately.   The famous one being Ukkokei in Makati, which T and I have yet to visit.   But before that, here's a peek at a new ramen place at the Molito Arcade in Alabang --- Ramen Yushoken.

Felix in Greenbelt 5.

Felix is always a no-fail choice (a.k.a. always gets a good review) for me and T.  We even celebrated Valentines there two years ago (read about my blog post about Valentines Day in Felix).

How to Make a Travel Scrapbook... Fast.

I'm a pack rat.  I keep anything and everything, especially when I travel.  Receipts, tickets, name it.  I couldn't throw papers away and they're eating up so much space in my room!  That's why I absolutely love this tip I got from Martha Stewart's website.

Image credit: marthastewart.com

Grace Park by Margarita Fores at One Rockwell.

Since I skipped dinner and just had a Starbucks sandwich on the way over to Rockwell, I was dying of hunger after the launch night of Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 (read my blog entry about the event).  But by the time we were done, it was past mall hours so everything was closed!  Good thing our friends remembered the strip of restaurants in One Rockwell.  We walked towards that area and went to Grace Park.

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 Launch Night.

I remember the days when my friends and I got addicted to Havaianas. We'd buy every pair that came out, in every color possible. We'd wear them everywhere we went, even in law school where we had  a strict dress code enforced (to the point that the Dean had to issue a memo banning the wearing of Havaianas inside the campus!).

My addiction dwindled ever since, not for anything else, but because my current job has little space for Havaianas-wearing days. So when I received an invitation to the Launch Night of Make Your Own Havaianas 2013, I was ecstatic and told T that we had to go.