Le Soleil de Boracay.

Can't believe it's been almost one year since that fun, fun Labor Day Weekend (read my blog post on Labor Day Weekend in Boracay).   I've just been wanting to go to my happy place (aka the beach) lately so I looked at my beach photos when I realized I haven't published my blog post on the resort we stayed at.. Le Soleil de Boracay.

T and I usually stay in other resorts when we go to Boracay but since it was a spur-of-the-moment trip and during a super peak date nonetheless, our usual resorts were already booked (read my other blog posts on Boracay).  But  because I heard good reviews about Le Soleil from a friend, I thought why not give it a try.

Le Soleil de Boracay is located in Station 2, way past D'Mall.

The Room

We got the Deluxe Room since it was the only room that was still available.  It has a double bed and a single bed.  I was expecting the room to smell musty and all since it was located in the old wing but surprisingly, it wasn't.  It actually smelled really nice!

 The staff made an effort to make the room look pretty with towel arrangements and flowers everywhere.  On the bed...

...in the bathroom...

...and even in the toilet sink.  T joked that there might be flowers on inside the toilet bowl.  I actually thought it was possible and checked!  But there were none :P

Le Soleil provides basic toiletry needs such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, and toothbrush.

There's also complimentary water, coffee, and tea, replenished daily.

The only thing I didn't like was this "fake" window.  I say fake because even if we open it, there's no view, only a wall.  So sometimes we'd be all lazy to go out thinking it's still dark outside when it fact, it's really hot and sunny already.

I was surprised (in a good way) that Le Soleil has turn down service.  Whenever we come back to our room after dinner, our beds are made up and we get "fresh" towel arrangements to marvel at.


Each stay comes with complimentary daily breakfast.

I'm glad Le Soleil has a breakfast buffet because I usually don't like those set breakfast meals other resorts offer.  

T's first of many breakfast plates.  He is such a breakfast person.


A 4-day stay also comes with one complimentary dinner.   Years back, Le Soleil used to be known for its dinner buffet.  I remember waiting in line just to eat here.

But I guess it's not like that anymore since a lot of good seafood buffets popped up along the beach.

Pool Area

On our last day, T and I decided to stay by the pool area since we haven't really hung out here.

I was surprised that the pool area is nice.  I expected it to be just a small pool with a couple of chairs around it.

The package we got comes with an hour massage by the pool but we were not able to avail of it.  If we only knew how relaxing it was out here, we would've scheduled it on our first day.  It was already too late when we saw this massage bed.  Our flight was leaving in two hours.

All in all, we enjoyed our stay in Le Soleil de Boracay.  Clean and sweet-smelling rooms, friendly staff, good food.  It may not be a five-star resort but I'd have to say we got value for our money :)

If you haven't planned for a summer vacation yet, I suggest you plan now.  For the room rates, better contact the resort directly because the rates we got were probably more expensive since it was Labor Day Weekend.  Le Soleil's contact information can be found below.

Le Soleil de Boracay
Travel Date: 28 April - 1 May 2012

Station 2

Tel Nos. (Manila): (632) 899-6779; 890-0493;
759-9811; 759-9812
Tel. Nos. (Boracay): (036) 288-6209 to 12


  1. It's like you're reading my mind. I was also going through our Boracay pics earlier this morning. I want to go to Boracay again!

  2. Beautiful place! Will keep this in mind if I plan to go to Boracay. :)

  3. Mother! You remember during our Bora trip and we were in our "tipid" mode, we stayed at the resort just beside Le Soleil?

    I miss Bora!

  4. would you recommend this resort for a first timer? :)


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