Tour of Enderun Colleges.

After having lunch (read my blog post about Restaurant 101), Dean Ed graciously toured us around Enderun Colleges in Fort Bonifacio.

College of Culinary Arts

Coming from the lobby, to the left is a hall called the Atrium.  During the day, students stay here to hang out or study.  But it can also be rented out for weddings and birthday celebrations.

Next is Restaurant 101 which I have written about in a previous post.  Beside Restaurant 101 is a bar called Bar D'Toile and opposite the bar is a snack area called Bistro 101.

Going up the stairs, I saw this sign.

"As part of Enderun's academic partnership with Alain Ducasse Formation, the two institutions collaborated to build the Ducasse Institute Philippines, whose design and appointments were carefully studied to conform to the specifications of Ducasse Education (formerly Alain Ducasse Formation). Here, students master culinary principles and techniques after foundational training in the classical European tradition. 101, the application restaurant for students' practical classes, delivers a superlative dining experience to place it among Manila's dining destinations."

On the second floor is their bookstore.. or should I say wine shop?  Actually, Dean Ed joked that it's a bookstore that sells wine, too.  We laughed because it was true! :)

Dean Ed then went on to show us the Culinary Amphitheater where demonstrations are held.  Lucky for us, Chef March Chalopin, executive chef of Ducasse Institute Philippines, was there making macarons.

I was mesmerized by the sheer number of macarons laid out before me.  I think Chef Marc noticed I was staring at all of the trays.
Chef Marc (holding out a tray): Would you like to try some?
Me: For real??
Chef Marc (getting back the tray): No, I was just joking.
*This is me getting disappointed deep inside*
Chef Marc (giving back the tray): Of course! I was just kidding. Go ahead. Try it!
*This is me breathing a sigh of relief and grabbing a macaron before he changes his mind*

I asked what the others were and Chef Marc graciously offered that we taste every single one (yay!).  The one in this tray is coconut.  He explained that as much as possible, they try to use local ingredients.  Nice.

The macarons in this tray are pretty interesting and like nothing I have ever tasted before.  Chef Marc said that for the filling, he used Korean jam mixed with zest from a fruit he got from Baguio.  Really, really good.

I also got to sample the ones that they were still making.  Here is Dean Ed watching the chef's assistant while he places the filling into the macaron's base.

Because the macarons were so good, I asked Chef Marc if they sell them anywhere else.  Unfortunately, Chef Marc said they were just making these macarons because a big celebrity (B.C.) was coming the next day.  Apparently, B.C. went to Enderun before and tasted the macarons he made.  B.C. remarked that the macarons were the best she ever had, which is quite a compliment since B.C. is well-traveled and is not easily impressed.  Who is B.C.?  I won't say her name but all I can say is that she love, love, loves those macarons! ;)

After the ampitheather, we went on to see the kitchen laboratories where students apply the skills they learn during classroom lectures.  Spot the student doing the peace sign :P

Dean Ed led us to another kitchen laboratory where Chef Cheong Young See, Enderun's Culinary Head, was.  Chef Cheong Young See told us that the students were having their final exams so I didn't take photos for fear of disturbing them. Instead, I took a snapshot of this nice illustration beside the laboratory.

On the way to the third floor, we passed by the library which was buzzing with activity.  Dean Ed asked the students what was happening.  They said that it was French Day, explaining the big flag of France in the background.

College of Economics, Management and Entrepreneurship

We took a quick look inside the building.  I love how this stairway looks.

College of Hotel Administration

On the way to there, we passed by a fountain.  It was so hot that my mind was suddenly filled with images of swimming pools and beaches.

This is how the inside of the building looks like.

There are photos of the best hotels on the wall.

Dean Ed showed us one of the "classrooms".  

Surprise!  There's a whiteboard in the bathroom!

The bathroom slash classroom has a bathtub and a shower.

The Tent at Enderun

We also went inside The Tent, which is a 700 square meter venue for weddings, birthdays and other social events.  

After the tour, all of us agreed that it would nice to be a student again and experience studying in Enderun Colleges ;)

Enderun Colleges
Tour Date: 14 March 2013
1100 Campus Avenue
McKinley Hill
Fort Bonifacio 
Taguig City

Tel No.: (632) 856-5000


For inquiries on venues, 
contact their Events Specialists:

Tel No.: (632) 856-5000
loc 534 or 560



  1. Who is B.C.?! Haha.

    Wow, this gives Angelo King a run for its money! I love the local ingredients part :)

    And I like that mirror photo where you and your friend where busy with your phone cams haha, instagram instagram!

  2. A really wonderful environment for learning. :) Looks like a reality show location.hehe. :)

  3. ay bat di ako nakuhanan sa photo? lol Those were my classmates or maybe this was finals week and I was on the morning sched. Funny how serious they look.

    I know who BC is, or think I know her, she featured our school in a magazine, tama ba? hehe

    i love reading your blog, escpecially when you blog about not so common things. Ung ibang bloggers kasi pareparehas.

  4. CHESCA. Thanks for the kind comment! Check my Facebook Page. Special mention for you there ;)

  5. And BC is a talk show host who is a super endorser and comes from a political family ;)

  6. tama nga. siya nga yun. she did feature one of the chefs in school sa magazine nya.


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