February App Picks: IMadeFace, InstaPlace & InstaWeather.

Every so often, I'd write about iPhone or iPad apps (read my blog post about Draw Something) that I like. Here are some of my favorite apps in February:

I Made Face

This is the newest app I discovered through Maxx Magalona. Kakaaliw (amusing)! It's a bit hard at first because of this human weakness we call, 'image distortion'.   So I figured that the best thing to do is to get a photo of yourself and then compare it to the photo that you made. My comic face doesn't look exactly like me but I tried to capture it to the best that I can. What do you think?

Instagram has become such a hit to both iPhone and Android users alike (speaking of, find me on Instagram @joeiandme)  so naturally, other Instagram-related apps soon followed.

(free with limitations)

Instaplace shows where you are when you take the photo.  If it keeps crashing on you, update to the new OS and it'll work just fine. 

(free with limitations)

InstaWeather displays the current weather where you're at. 

"Escaping for the weekend and your friends are staying home? Make them suffer with a beach photo and weather conditions from Hawaii or Malibu. 

Photo from a morning session of seaside jogging? Make your friends jealous.

Snowboarding in Colorado in deep powder and sunny 25F when your mates are closed in an office space with no chances for holidays? YOU RULE!"

This was taken during Fred & Ivy's wedding (read my blog post about their beautiful wedding) but I beg to disagree with the temperature.  It seemed much colder than 28C out there!

Both InstaPlace and InstaWeather have different skins that you can use but not all are available in the free version.  How about you? Care to share your recent favorite apps?


  1. I'm liking the 4 pictures 1 word game! So addicting! :)

  2. BEE. Yes! That will be part of my March picks ;)

  3. will download imadeface na :) Currently addicted to 94 seconds game.. u should check it out haha! :)

    Btw, yes i'll be going later.. hope to see u! :)

  4. I just downloaded it. Should be fun. :)


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