Acacia Hotel Alabang's Buffet at Acaci.

T and I were supposed to try Acacia Hotel's Weekend Sundown Cookout, which is an outdoor buffet available only on Fridays and Saturdays.   But the wind outside was just too strong so we ended up going to the buffet at Acaci instead.

The last time T and I dined in Acacia Hotel (read my my blog post about The Lobby at Acacia Hotel), they didn't have these awards yet in the lobby.   The Trip Advisor 2013 award caught my eyeHmmm. Placing Acacia Hotel on my list of possible places to have a staycation.

Acaci is at the second floor of the hotel.  From the lobby, just take the stairs.

The dinner buffet is P990/$24 per person and comes with a drink, coffee or tea, and guess what boys?  Unlimited draft beer!  That night, drink choices were iced tea and pandan juice.  

My pandan juice was good but I wanted more so I also got T's iced tea :)

Now it's time to attack the buffet.

My first stop (and will always be my first stop as long as it's available in a buffet) is the Lobster/Shrimp/Mussel Station.  I remember that time T and I finished 30 or so lobsters (read my blog post on Seven Corners Buffet at the Crowne Plaza). Gak!

T had our lobsters grilled at the grilling station.  When we were down to our last piece, he went back to get more but saw that the lobster tray was empty already.  Guess we won't be breaking our lobster record tonight ;)

The appetizer section is impressive.  Aside from the variety, I like how the dishes are not the usual ones I see in buffets.  Check out these Marinated Apricots.

There are also trays of assorted cold cuts.

And different sauces to go with it.

Of course, there's a Salad Station.

And a separate Caesar Salad Station. I like buffets that have this.

Beside it is the Japanese Maki Station. I wasn't able to take a photo though because I didn't want to be rude to guests getting food (and it was always pretty busy!).

There's also a separate table for Bread and Cheese, another favorite buffet section of mine.

I don't think anyone will get a piece from this basket and dare ruin the bread "arrangement".

I know most buffets have a cheese tray also but what's special about Acaci's is that they also serve dried fruits, grapes, and different kinds of nuts.  See the jars at the back?

I really enjoyed this plate of mine.   Yum.

At the center is the Main Course Section.  There are various dishes like Tuna Stew, Pan Fried Fish Fillet, Stir Fried Pork, and Stir Fried Chicken.  This is also where rice, buttered vegetables, roasted pumpkins and other side dishes are found.  The only thing I noticed is that some chafers don't have name plates and so we had to guess what the dishes were.

Opposite this section is the Grilling Station.  Apologies for the blurry photo.  I took this hurriedly because I already wanted to get a piece of that prime rib!

To the left is the Pasta Station. 

On to the best part of them all... Dessert!

Found it cute that there's a table with jars full of gummies.  Kids were constantly coming back to this place with their yayas (babysitters) :)

 Aside from the giant lollies, another thing that caught my eye was the Crepe Station.

The chef asked me what fruits I wanted in my crepe.  I asked for peaches and mangoes.

How to make a crepe in four steps. 

The chef then asked me what toppings I wanted.  I told her chocolate and mango syrup and anything else that would go well with it.    Found it nice that she just didn't randomly add the syrup and toppings to my crepe, like how they do in other buffets.  See how she carefully spreads the chocolate syrup...

...and she placed the mango syrup at one side of the plate?  I like.

In the meantime, T was busy at the Fondue Station.

There are different kinds of marshmallows, cookies, brownies, cookies and chocolate sticks.  It would've been nice though if there were a fondue fountain.

There's also a Halo-Halo Station.

This is T's halo-halo.

For those who don't want the extra calories, don't fret.  There's a section devoted to fruits. 

I had coffee while T and I talked and made chismis (gossiped).  Lucky I'm in love with my bestfriend ;)

We thought that was the end of dinner when suddenly, our server Zyra brought us a little something.

Thank you Ms. Marla of Acacia Hotel for this sweet surprise!

"When it comes to variety, Acaci's buffet is the best one in the South." -T

Thumbs Up!
Wide selection.
Value for your money.
Friendly servers.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really except that not all main courses had nameplates.

T and I will definitely be back!

Acaci at Acacia Hotel
Dining Date: 8 March 2013

Acacia Hotel Manila
5400 East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue,
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang,
Muntinlupa City 1781

Tel No.: (632) 720-2000 / 588-5888
Offical Website

*Part of the "Where to eat in Alabang?" series


  1. The last time we had lunch there merong choco and vanilla fountaion hmm ano kaya nangyari now? Baka wala na sila paglagyan hehe. And that bread on the wall. Iniisip ko bakit nila nilagay yung don? I love acacia buffet!

  2. The last time we had lunch merong choco and vanilla fountain. Di kaya dahil sa maliit lang space nila kaya tinaggal muna? And also the bread on the wall iniisip ko yan bakit ganon display nila? I love acacia buffet

  3. Happy monthsary to the both of you! I miss eating at buffets. Should go to a buffet soon! :)

  4. Ah, so tempting.

    And those giant lollies! I must have them!


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