Sundate at Dong Juan.

T and I really had a nice Sunday morning. We started the day early, had lunch in S&R, then watched the movie 'Warm Bodies".  What a funny zombie movie. 

Rare occasion: Me up early on a Sunday morning and wearing sneakers, too!

Come dinnertime, T craved for Filipino food so we went to this place in BF Homes called Dong Juan.

Like I said in a previous post (read my blog post on RSM Lutong Bahay), I don't usually crave for Filipino food but once in a while I do too.

But when the server handed us the menu, T and I were confused.  We honestly thought Dong Juan served Filipino fare.  I mean, just the name itself would lead us to believe it's a Pinoy restaurant.  Although they have crispy pata and crispy beef tadyang, most of their dishes were pizzas, pastas, and burgers!   It took us a while to order because we were still trying to figure out which dishes would go well with each other.  

Finally, T ordered the Black Angus Beef Tips (P339/$9).  T said it lacked flavor, I thought that the beef was a bit tough.  Despite being gluttons, we weren't able to finish it.

Then he got the Gambas Al Ajillo Pasta (P229/$6).  It was alright but T just found it weird that the dominant flavor was tinapa and not garlic or shrimp. 

Because I was really craving for Filipino food, I ordered the Beef Tadyang (P329/$8). 

For me it was ok but T said he tasted better, like the one from Manong's.

Despite having pasta already, we had to order plain rice just so we could feel that we were eating Filipino food.  Carbs overload.  

For my drink, I got the Kalamansi Blush (P89/$3).

If there's anything that can save a bad meal, it's dessert.  So T got, not only one, but two dessert entrees.  The first one was the Ice Cream Burger (P199/$5).   Again, it was disappointing.  The cookies were dry and hard.   T didn't like even the ice cream.  He could taste something sour in it.

The second one he got was the Creme Brulee (P99/$3).   T loves creme brulee.  As long as the restaurant we're in has it, he'll order it.  When it arrived, I was impressed at how large the serving dish was and thought this actually might salvage our dinner.   But seeing T's face after he took a bite, I knew I was hoping for too much.  I just had a small piece and thought it tasted like pastillas instead of creme brulee.

Thumbs Up!
I'm sorry but I can't think of anything other than cheap prices.  Although even with inexpensive dishes, I can't say that you'll get value for your money.

Thumbs Down!
Servers are friendly but not attentive.  We rarely saw one in the dining area so it was hard to ask for something like water or sauce.
It's not that the food is really, really bad.  It's just that we couldn't figure out what dishes go well with what.  I've heard of fusions but this isn't it.

I asked T if he'd be willing to come back to eat in Dong Juan again.  I was surprised that he said yes (but with a lot of hesitation) only to try the burgers because MAYBE that would be the restaurant's saving grace.

Dong Juan
Dining Date: 10 February 2013

#4 President's Avenue
Tahanan Village
Paranaque City

Tel No.: (632) 832-8495

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  1. That's sad. :( The place looks nice, however. And perhaps you're right... burgers might be their forte. If they would still disappoint, then this resto is doomed.

  2. tsk tsk. nabasa ko online, parang masarap burgers nila :)

  3. Oh dear. I'm supposed to have lunch with a friend there today. I'm definitely not ordering what you ordered haha.


  4. WANDER WOMAN. We'll probably try their burgers but not in the near future :P

    AVAGABONDMOM. I hope so but it just doesn't have the feel of a burger place, know what I mean?

    MRS P CUYUGAN. So how was it?

  5. Not so bad, but definitely not super. Blogging soon. I'll share the link once it's up!


  6. the dessert looks good pa naman.. sad to hear about your experience :(

  7. Whatever you do, DO NOT order the pizza if and when you come back!

    xo Patty

  8. This Resto Dong Juan in Cebu is just OVERRATED and the seeming success of this is just by mere HYPING of the owners and their friends.

    In Manila, this will definitely FLOP because there are so many good restos there and you cannot just fool Manila diners by HYPING.

    Try Snack Shack and Burger Project, Good Burger in maginhawa st., the simplest and smallest burger joints in QC and you will understand that there are hundreds of best burger brands in Manila alone.


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