Southern Living Magazine.

Thank you Hinge Inquirer Publications for featuring me as one of your Southerners in the January issue of Southern Living Magazine.

During a previous shoot (read my blog post about Meg Magazine's 30 Under 30), I really liked how the stylist curled my hair.  That inspired me to get a digiperm but unfortunately, my hair is too fine/straight, so I ended up with beach waves instead of big curls. So here I am explaining exactly just that to the stylist.

However, to recreate those curls that I so longed for, she had to blow dry my hair straight and curl it again with a curling iron. I also love how she did my make-up.  It was surprisingly light and suitable for everyday wear. 

Here are the clothes I packed for the shoot.  I also brought along a few accessories including the orange jewel necklace that my friend Ria Alazas made.

Since I didn't bring anyone along, it was nice of Editorial Assistant Kat Patino-Marquez to take photos using my camera.  This is one of the shots she took. 

I said this before and I'll say it again, the best part about these things is meeting and getting to know nice people.  Thanks again girls!

I find it cute that they included my cat in the article.  T and I were laughing because he was only mentioned in one of the boxes below (referred to as the "boyfriend") while Mariachi had the spotlight.

"Joei prefers to unwind with a really nice dinner after a long day, followed by bonding with her one-year old Persian cat named Mariachi."

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  1. Congratulations for another feature!

  2. Congratulations!

    I don't like the makeup too much though coz I think you look prettier in your usual photos when you travel with T, with very little makeup ;)

  3. Oh, Nice! You look great on your feature. I live in the south, so I'll go ahead and see if we have the Joey Mead issue on our magazine rack alread. Congratulations!

  4. I finally got to read this feature, yay! So inspiring!

  5. RAE. Aww that's sweet of you to say :) Thanks!


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