RSM Lutong Bahay.

I know RSM Lutong Bahay isn't the usual place I blog about so please indulge me because this is unfamiliar territory.

Before anything else, for my non-Filipino readers, RSM is what you call "turo-turo" which translates to "point point" in English.  Yes, I know it sounds funny but it's called that because you simply had to point to which food you want and they'll serve it to you.  I wonder if we should bring Julia, who's visiting us from Russia, to a similar place.  What do you think Koryn?

As I was saying, this is new to me and T as a couple because I'm not really fond of Filipino cuisine (I don't know why since my sister loves it and my mom cooks really good Filipino food!).  It's not that I don't like it, it's just not my go-to food.  But for some reason, whenever I'm sick, I crave for Filipino food.  Lucky for T, who has been wanting to eat bulalo (bone marrow soup), I was feeling under the weather yesterday so we stopped by at RSM Dasmarinas en route to Tagaytay.

I think this is the first time T and I have eaten in a turo-turo together.. Fun!

Everything looked so good so T and I each pointed to which food we liked.  I asked for gising-gising, binagoongan talong (eggplant) and lechon kawali (crispy pork) while T ordered beef caldereta and bulalo (bone marrow soup).

T's not mad.  That's just his hungry face.  He finished 3 cups of rice.

After all of that food, I still wanted something sweet.  Good thing they had halo-halo

Their halo-halo is good but it would've been better had there been leche flan and ube on top.

Please excuse my bare and pale face.  I'm sick-a-doodle-doo.

I offered to share my dessert with T but he declined and said he was full.  But when my halo-halo came, he got jealous and ordered buko pandan.

Please excuse the face :)
On the way to Tagaytay, I kept telling T how much I enjoyed our date in RSM.  We ordered so much food and yet our bill was just around P1,000/$20.  Plus, everyone was so nice and attentive.  So, so fun!  T and I agreed to do this more often :)

Thumbs Up!
For a turo-turo, service was excellent!
Inexpensive food.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

There are only very few Filipino restaurants that I like. Adding RSM to my list now.

RSM Lutong Bahay
Dining Date: 2 February 2013


Tel No. (6346) 852-0673


  1. I am so amused with this post, mother! Hehe. Why not? At least she'll experience something "very Pinoy" ;)

  2. KORYN. I'm amused as well! Haha!

  3. sometimes the price doesn't matter at all, as long as you're with good company and food is great!

  4. Drew and I love turo turo but haven't really been on trips out together. I must say, RSM looks CLEAN! I'll definitely go there for lunch when I find myself in Dasma again.

  5. "Unfamiliar territory?" That's such a pretentious, patronizing comment. Have you been living in a bubble? Ang arte mo naman.

  6. I usually don't give negative comments the time of day (especially anonymous ones) but published yours for the sake of fairness.

    I'm sorry that you think of me as patronizing or pretentious but if you knew me well enough, you'd know that my statement of RSM being "unfamiliar territory" is anything but that.

    Have I been living in a bubble? Well, for some, maybe. I have not yet commuted on my own, have never ridden the MRT. But only because there was no need for me to do so. I am grateful that my family is blessed but that doesn't mean that I am a bad person. To tell you honestly, I have friends who don't even know what RSM Lutong Bahay is. But just the same, that doesn't mean that they are bad persons as well. Privileged, yes. But not pretentious or patronizing.

    If you find my blog entries offensive then you can just stop reading them. It is my blog and my life after all :)

  7. ^^Haha On the contrary man/woman/it, the author has been living in Ayala Alabang, making ends meet with what little trust fund that was left in her favor. Believe me, anonymous being, I know. I've known the author since law school at the Ateneo. I hope next time you decide to draw attention to your seemingly useless existence by writing comments as incendiary as this, you'd have the balls - or at least the decency, if the former's too much for you - to, at least, identify yourself. All the best my friend and please do make tusok tusok the fishballs. Try not to be so uptight. ;)

  8. Both of you are just proving my point even more. Saying things like "making ends meet with what little trust fund" IS patronizing. This is the Philippines where most people are poor. Turo-turo's are a dime a dozen and are practically part of Filipino culture. One is bound to come across one of them in any road trip, so one doesn't necessarily have to frequent them to be familiar with them. Therefore someone who's pushing 30 and unabashedly asks to be "indulged" for trying out a turo-turo because it's "unfamiliar territory" is either hinting about her wealth or is clearly living in a bubble, neither of which is a good thing. So Christopher, I'm not saying it's pretentious because she's not wealthy. I'm saying it's pretentious because being Filipino and unaware of what a turo-turo is like at her age is absurd and embarrassing. Especially for a local traveler.

    Joie, I never said you were "bad" as in evil. I said the comment was pretentious and patronizing. And I stand by that. As a lawyer I'm sure you appreciate the nuance of that line you posted. It is maarte and patronizing. I'm just calling you out on it. I came across your blog because I was googling how Discovery Shores compares with Shangri-la Boracay as I have not been to the former. If strangers speaking their mind about your posts bother you then maybe a public blog is not for you.

  9. Where in the world did you get that idea that when I said that this is unfamiliar territory, it meant I didn't know what a turo-turo was? If you read the whole blog entry or even just the next few paragraphs, it's clear why I said that it's unfamiliar to me.

    And don't start on me being a lawyer because I can argue with you point by point about everything you said--I'd start off with the meaning of pretentious and patronizing. But I won't since it's probably a waste of time.

    And yes, I may be maarte. But there are worse people in this world than maartes like me. Say for example, judgmental haters who hide behind the pseudonym "Anonymous" to put down someone one else. You're a coward and I'm calling you out on it.

    Oh, and one tip. Put down your thesaurus and get a dictionary. Stop using words if you don't know what they mean.

    Good day :)

  10. Anonymous,

    Stop being a hater and next time you voice your opinion, don't hide under Anonymous or else I will tusok tusok you.


  11. Arte mo Joie hahaha. Dedma na lang im sure Anonymous will keep reading your blog even after this... ;)

  12. Dear Anonymous,

    On the contrary, the author is in every way fit to have a public blog. She could have just deleted your distasteful comment but published it anyway. As opposed to you who don't even have the balls to publish your name.

    Next time you decide to post such strong views, at the very least, establish your credibility.


  13. Baka si Anonymous yung may-ari ng LZM, which appears to be RSM's main rival (based solely on my observations while driving around).

    Seriously, I think Anonymous' reaction stems fromt a common mistake by a lot of people (Filipinos included) in this day and age of "social media" - judging before understanding the entire thing. Comment dito, tweet doon, etc., di naman naiintindihan ng tama.

    Joei obviously did not refer to turo-turo as being "unfamiliar" to her. RSM, as a Filipino restaurant, is apparently unfamiliar to her because she is not fond of Filipino food. so di niya masyado pinupuntahan mga restaurants that serve Pinoy food. that's not so difficult to understand IMHO.


    Joei, do a review of Kuse beside Recovery in Fort. Stuff tasted okay for me pero for the steep prices, parang masyadong kaunti yung serving. Lemme know what you think :)

  14. Clearly, you don't know the author. She really had no idea what a turo-turo until this time. Cheers Joei! Keep it up! :-D

  15. Clearly, you don't know that I know the author. Hehe.

  16. No 2 people are the same. Each has his or her own personality, upbringing and external environment born into. You cannot expect everyone to be rich or poor. Its called diversity. So i dont think we should fault the author for not having such experience until recently.

    Kanya kanyang buhay lang. Walang pakeelamanan.

    Focus on the food blog not on the writing or even better dont read it if you think it isnt worth yor time.

    If you dont know the author personnally then her blog serves as a guide to those who want information on food spot in the PH. Thats all.

  17. Kasalanan na pala maging mayaman? Calling you out mr or ms anonymous. Tusok away! :)

    -mid class person who i hope is not at fault for being born as such:)

  18. "I came across your blog because I was googling how Discovery Shores compares with Shangri-la Boracay as I have not been to the former."

    Really Ms. Anonymous? Who's being pretentious now? Or hinting about her wealth?? You disgust me with your idiotic comments. Get a life.

  19. Koryn, exactly. She had the authority to reject the comment if she's so concerned about receiving only positive feedback. I was expecting her to just read it and take it in stride.

    Anonymous, sure. What I was referring to was that one line, "please indulge me because this is unfamiliar territory." It's like a Filipino adult expressing unfamiliarity with a tricycle. How is that possible when they're so ubiquitous? Even if you don't commute you know what they're like. To express unfamiliarity with them is just affectation.

    Anonymous, siyempre hindi. (Actually it depends on how one has acquired his wealth, but that's neither here nor there.) See above.

    G,Joei told me to stop reading her blog if I find it offensive, so I explained how I came across it. My point was it's a public blog. Try googling "discovery shores" "shangri-la boracay," and you'll see her blog on the first page. If you'd like to take that as a hint of something else that's your prerogative, but I did enjoy my stay at Shangri-la Boracay and I'm not ashamed of that. But I won't beg to be indulged when I encounter a turo-turo.

    Joei, so you're saying it's unfamiliar territory because it serves Filipino food? Had RSM been Cafe Jeepney or a 1771 restaurant would you have asked to be indulged because it was unfamiliar? I don't think so. It's the turo-turo status that made you say that, not the Filipino cuisine.

    If you like you can explain to me how you think I got the word patronizing and pretentious wrong. But then an attempt to do so will just prove my point even more because it shows that not only do you presume you know what these words more than I do, but also that pretentious and patronizing are such inaccessible words that they require a thesaurus to be used. It's just a Catch-22 on your part.

    On the contrary what you call cowardice I'd call common sense.

    Look, that really is how that line came across to me. It sounded like you were humblebragging by asking to be indulged for trying out the unfamiliar turo-turo. I don't think that was such an invalid point to make.

    Actually your blog is useful especially for foodies and travelers. If you pay your own way for everything maybe you could put a disclaimer that you do a la Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. The blanket disclosure notice at the bottom is unclear about which posts were initiated by advertisers, if any.

    That's it. I'll stop here because there'll be more comments to reply to if I don't and this is getting out of hand for me.

  20. Anonymous,

    Nakakahiya ka na! A lot of people are laughing at you because you are being ridiculous. Please get a life and don't waste your time. It probably took you forever to write your comment. I pity you.

  21. Oh. Now I understand.

    Using big words in simple blog comments (how many times did you review it before publishing?), mentioning having stayed in a nice resort "kunwari" in passing (but which is probably a big deal to you), giving Conde Nast as an example (but you're probably not even subscribed to one of their magazines). You could have done without mentioning any of these things, you could've kept it simple, but you didn't. Because you wanted to give off that vibe that everything associated with you had to be something big or smart. And you're calling me pretentious? Ha. No one here is impressed, everyone thinks you're pathetic.

    I know your "kind". And I feel sorry for you. Truly.

    Enjoy the weekend! Unless you prefer spending your Friday night trolling my blog and waiting for comments.. Whatever floats your boat darling ;)

  22. Anonymous,

    Your comments are very amusing.

    You tell the author to just take your comment in stride yet you condemn her for replying to YOUR comment and defending her post. Why don't YOU "take it in stride"?

    Wasn't it you who said this is a public blog? More so, HER public blog.

    You know, your logic (or lack of it, thereof) probably wouldn't have been as laughable if only you practice what you preach.

    What's both beautiful and ugly about the web is that it gives people more free reign to express their opinions. But next time you voice out yours, do yourself a favor and make sure you'll be as open as you expect the people you bash to be.

  23. P.S.

    Hiding under "anonymous" and it being a practice of common sense... Kindly elaborate? One of the most skewed excuse I've ever heard.

  24. I find it amusing to be reminded of what is so backward and flawed about humanity: quick judgment, the compulsion to assign everything as black or white, audacity behind anonymity, and a dereliction of the plurality of existence - that comfort doesn't mean the absence of struggle, and struggle doesn't mean complete deprivation. I have no compassion for people who feel the need to criticize others to aggrandize themselves.

    Take a chill pill. It was just a review.

  25. Funny naman. I'm not as rich as Ms. Joei or even rich at all but there was a time when even riding a jeepney was unfamiliar to me. I know jeepneys, I see them around, I know what they are but it was so unfamiliar I was scared riding on it. College days ko rin, first time ko outside my comfort zone ang alam ko lang kumain sa fastfood chains but not at turo-turos or carenderias. I was not being maarte or pretentious but my parents just taught me to be careful on what I eat and the water I drink. But I do eat now sa mga carenderias, not always but from time to time especially when craving for lutong bahay. I don't think that saying unfamiliar means you totally not know it. I think unfamiliar may also mean being outside of your comfort zone. And I think that's what Ms. Joei is trying to imply here. Unfamiliar because turo-turo is not the usual dining place she goes to.

  26. Saved as a favorite, I love your site!


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