House of Wagyu Stone Grill at the Prism Plaza.

During the Nike We Run Manila (read my blog post about the race pack), I saw a "House of Wagyu" sign. Being a steak person and all, I told T that I wanted to try it sometime. That was a few months ago and I actually forgot about it. So when T told me yesterday that he was going to pick me up at work to take me out to dinner, I was surprised he remembered and brought me to the Prism Plaza.

The Prism Plaza is at the 4th level of Two E-Com Center near Mall of Asia. You probably see this unique building when you go to the Mall of Asia. It's shaped like, well, a prism. 

Can you see the iMax theater and the Mall of Asia flyer?

As of now, the only restaurants I saw that are already operational are Alba, Coffee Bean, Uncle Cheffy, Just Thai and the House of Wagyu.

We went to the House of Wagyu.

It was our monthsary but I didn't expect that we would go to somewhere nice. I thought we were just going to dine at our 'usuals' so I didn't bring my camera! Good thing T had his iPad mini (my iPhone's camera app is still bust) although the photos are a bit grainy because of the low light setting of the restaurant.

This reminds me of Gallagher's Steakhouse (read my blog post on Las Vegas).

The whole crew of the House of Wagyu was so attentive. From the moment we stepped foot in the restaurant until we left, there was always at least two people attending to us. Like when the manager saw that I was having difficulty with my bag, he immediately offered a bag hook.

Heavy duty bag hook for my huge bag.

While taking our orders, our server gave us a warm basket of bread.

It wasn't long after when our drinks arrived. I got the a Melon-Banana shake while T got a Mango-Banana shake.

The soup of the day was Pumpkin Soup (P150/$4).

For starters, I chose the Oysters Rockefeller (P450/$12) which is baked fresh oysters topped with creamy sauce, bacon bits, and Parmesan.  Good stuff.

For our main, we got one of the "All Time Favorites" -- 350g of Rib Eye Grade 6 (P2,995/$72).  This is already good for two.   When it was about to arrive, the servers put on our bibs.

Our steaks arrived on hot stone grills which they carefully placed in front of us.

T and I had to keep our distance from the table because the juices coming from the steak were splattering all over.

When our steak was cooked medium well, the servers offered us a holding plate so our steaks won't get overcooked.

Then they recommended that we cut the steak into bite size pieces..

..And place it on the hot stone grill until the steak was cooked to our liking.

They also provided us with sea salt.  Really good seasoning for the steak!

Our order comes with a side of mashed potatoes and vegetables.

T also got Griled Prawns in Garlic and Olive Oil (P675/$17).  It was a perfect complement to our steaks.

For dessert, the manager recommended the Flourless Chocolate Cake (P225/$6).  Goodbye sugar-free diet.

We also got coffee.  Cappuccino for me and a Latte for T.

And the highlight of the night!  When it was placed on our table, I thought it was mint.  T thought it was a marshmallow.

Then the server poured water over it.

T and I both had the same reaction, "Woooooooooow..".  Apparently, it's a wet towel.  It's the first time we've seen this.  Amay-za-zing :)

Thumbs Up!
The best service ever!  Our bread baskets and glasses were never empty, our plates were never dirty (they keep changing it).  Kudos to the servers and the manager! 
Good food, great steak.
Value for your money.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing at all!

T and I have said a lot of good things about Melo's (read my blog post about Melo's) but this place tops it!  It's now a toss up between House of Wagyu and Cru Steakhouse (read my blog post about Cru) for the best steak place in our book.  We will definitely be back!

House of Wagyu
Dining Date: 6 February 2013

4F Prism Plaza
Two E-Com Center
Mall of Asia
Pasay City


  1. wow! i'm not a big fan of beef, but I want to try stone grilling, looks really interesting. :D

  2. :-o I work in this building, and hindi ko man lang na-consider i-explore tong prism plaza. Thanks. <3 steak, I usually get my fix at old swiss inn coz they're open 24 hours :P

  3. I'm getting curious about this place. Must lure a friend to visit this place with me. :P

  4. Any idea approx how much budget do we need for a once in a lifetime experience?

    Nice presentation very cool and House of Wagyu should pay you for an ad!!


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