Happy Valentines Day!

Before the this day comes to an end, I want to make a quick post for Valentines!

Last year, T and I went to Cebu (read my blog post about our impromptu trip) and Bohol (read my blog post about our beautiful villa in Amorita) for Valentines weekend.  On Valentines Day itself, I didn't expect anything since we already went on those trips. But T surprised me with reservations at Aubergine where we had one of the best dinners ever.

This year, T and I didn't make any plans because we both had to do something for work and by the time we were done, we assumed traffic would be horrible.   So we just decided to go back to Alabang and have dinner with his family or mine.

Then when the day was about to end, he surprised me with flowers!!!

It was really unexpected!  I thought we were picking up a pair of shoes he bought but when he went back to the car, he gave me a bouquet of white roses (my favorite!!!) instead.  I was really surprised :) Thank you T!

Beautiful dozen.

I used to hate surprises but now I think I'm loving them ;) I hope all of you had a nice day, whether with your friends, family or significant other.   Happy Valentines everyone!


  1. PRETTY/UGLY. Happy Valentines! :)

  2. ORGANIZEDJUNKIE. I like your username because I think I can relate ;) Happy Valentines Day to you, too!


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