Fred & Ivy Day: Caleruega Church & Casablanca Tagaytay.

Remember my good friend Ivy who recently had a bridal shower (read my blog post about Pink Me Up)?  She finally got married last weekend!

My first bridesmaid stint.

After having breakfast (read my blog post about One Tagaytay Place), T brought me to Casablanca Private Mansion to meet up with everyone.  Don did my make-up while Rexy fixed my hair.  I both loved their work.

With Don.

After putting on our pretty Coca Couture gowns, we took a few photos.  Here I am with maid of honor Mina, fellow bridesmaid Carr, and secondary sponsors Rona and Nadine. 

L-R: Rona, me, Nadine, Mina, and Carr.

Making us kulit is this darling flower girl.

And then we went to see the bride.  We were all in awe.  Her beautiful gown is by Veejay Floresca.

Unfortunately, it was getting late so the only scene that the photographers were able to shoot with the bridesmaids and secondary sponsors was this one.

We all then rushed to Caleruega.  It was such a beautiful day for a wedding.  See how bright the sky is?

The ceremony took place in one of my favorite churches.  Ten years ago, I went to the Transfiguration Chapel for the first time and have fallen in love with it ever since.  Fred and Ivy chose Caleruega because it was where they went to pray before deciding to try it out together as a couple. So romantic!

Remember my friend Ara who celebrated her birthday in Hacienda Isabella?

I'd have to say that this is by far one of the best ceremonies I've attended.  Instead of the usual homily during weddings, the priest shared with us Fred and Ivy's love story, from the beginning until the very end, including the hardships they encountered along the way.  He also gave them (and all of us) good advice on how to keep a relationship or a marriage going.  

"Make good memories every day.", he said.  

I'm pretty sure everyone felt the love flowing throughout the chapel.

The most emotional part was during the couple's vows.  Everyone was laughing, crying, laughing, crying. 

"Salamat Fred at pinaniwala mo ako na hindi tayo tao... Na bagay talaga tayo, bagay!" -best line from Ivy's vows

After the mass, we went back to Casablanca for the wedding reception.  From the looks of the place, I immediately knew Ivy was very much hands-on with everything.  She's one of the most artistic and most creative people I know.  Even her wedding organizer,  make-up artist, and everyone else involved in planning 'Fred & Ivy Day' said so.   Artistic because she can draw, write, dance (she used to be a professional ballet dancer), act, name it.  Creativity, as opposed to just being artistic, is the gift of coming up with really great and unique ideas no one else has.  And Ivy definitely has that as well. Combine the two and what do you have?  A wedding to remember!

Check out Ivy's bridal shoes.  See what I mean? :)

Grabbed from Ivy's Instagram account.

And this sign at the front door.. Keep calm and keribelles lang?  That is so Ivy! :)

Instead of signing a guestbook, we were made to leave thumbprints on a box corresponding to our birthdays.

Table assignments were written on window panes.

The whole place was personalized for Fred and Ivy.

The photobooth was also very different from those I usually see.  Instead of props, guests were allowed to write messages for the couple and pose inside frames. 

The photos turned out so well! It was printed on some kind of rough paper.  Not the ordinary glossy ones that we see all the time.

With maid of honor Mina.

With T.

With Ara.

Even the table centerpieces aren't the usual ones you'd see in a wedding.  Ivy works for a corporation which owns Puregold and S&R (similar to Costco in the US), hence, the mini grocery shopping car with mini grocery goodies.  So nice!

Even the littlest details were not forgotten.  Check out the writings on the wooden spoons and sticks.

Seriously, Fred & Ivy thought of everything.  They knew it was going to get cold so they provided their female guests with bright-colored pashminas.

The whole place was photogenic so it wasn't difficult to take shots for the #FredandIvyDay contest! 

After the sun has set, the newlyweds entered the venue and danced for the first time as husband and wife.

They then had the cake-cutting ceremony.  Fred and Ivy's wedding cake was made by T's sister, Michelle Teves of Coco Cakes.

Next was a grand fireworks display.

Finally, it was dinner time.  Fred & Ivy got the catering services of Passion Cooks.  Food was really good!

The party ended early because the Fred and Ivy had a 1am flight straight to their honeymoon destination.  While saying goodbye to Ivy, I noticed that there were grocery items in the frames beside their table.  Another reference to S&R and Puregold.  Cute!

Before leaving, the organizers gave us our wedding souvenirs.

Fred and Ivy, I'm so glad you two found each other.  Thank you for letting me and T be part of your very special wedding celebration.  Here's to more love and happiness in life as you both grow old together.  Looking forward to witnessing the both of you renew your vows 25 years from now :)

Fred & Ivy


  1. love the entry Joei! ill share this! :) thanks!!

  2. You look great Joei! Your hair and makeup is a great compliment to your gown.

  3. What a lovely wedding! Such cute and well-thought of details. I especially love the thumbmark thingy and photobooth.

    PS you looke like a goddess!

  4. I agree with the comments above, you looked lovely!

  5. Every time I read a post about a wedding, I want to get married all over again and just steal all of their great ideas haha! Grabe, ivy is really so creative. And you can see how happy, excited and in love she is in all the little details and all the effort that was put into Fred and Ivy day! Happy for the two of them!!

    So who's next? Si Mina na ba? Haha! Meanwhile, you looked stunning as always, Atty Joei!

    xo Patty

  6. Beautiful wedding, from your photos alone! And I love their instagram gimmick :)

  7. Beautiful wedding, from your photos alone! And I love their instagram gimmick :)

  8. I like the bridesmaid dresses. But I love your make up the most. Very pretty.

  9. Awww.. your friend's wedding is so romantic. Reading your post, it even gave me a teary-eye. I love weddings!!

    PS. Visiting here for the first time from GT :)

  10. It's such a lovely wedding. I super love all the wedding details. =)

  11. Gosh! I love reading wedding posts and this sure is one creative wedding! My eyes are drooling at all the creative stuff. And can I just say I love the gowns? The colors! *sigh*

  12. Hi hi! May I ask who's the celebrant of this wedding? Thanks! :)

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    1. Sorry I had to remove your comment Kirstz. No ads or links please :)

  14. Hi sino po ang photographer nyo Fred & Ivy? How much po ang estimated ngastos nyo for wedding and how many pax po ang guest nyo?

    1. Hi, it's not my wedding so I can't answer your questions.


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