Feb 18, 2013

Sundate Lunch in Wildflour Cafe + Bakery Fort.

It's Sundate fundate again!  This time, T and I went to Bonifacio Global City.  We first thought of the newly-opened IHOP but after seeing photos of people who've been there, I had a feeling we were going to be disappointed (i.e. serving size seemed smaller than US standards).  I'm not saying we're never going to eat in IHOP but T and I were hungry and waiting in line for hours was not an option.  So we chose to go to Wildflour Cafe + Bakery instead.

Feb 15, 2013

Cue Modern Barbecue in Fort.

Finally got to eat in 'Cue Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street!

I've heard people raving about their bone marrow but since I decided to go on a healthy lifestyle change after I got hospitalized last May, I had to beg off eating from this place.  When I finally haven't gotten sick despite a flu epidemic going around now, I knew I had to reward myself for being good and decided it was time for a visit.

Feb 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Before the this day comes to an end, I want to make a quick post for Valentines!

Last year, T and I went to Cebu (read my blog post about our impromptu trip) and Bohol (read my blog post about our beautiful villa in Amorita) for Valentines weekend.  On Valentines Day itself, I didn't expect anything since we already went on those trips. But T surprised me with reservations at Aubergine where we had one of the best dinners ever.

This year, T and I didn't make any plans because we both had to do something for work and by the time we were done, we assumed traffic would be horrible.   So we just decided to go back to Alabang and have dinner with his family or mine.

Then when the day was about to end, he surprised me with flowers!!!

Feb 12, 2013

Foodgasm Year 2!

Calling all young and aspiring food business owners, join UP Economics Society's event this March 9, 2013 at Mercato Centrale and get a chance to win Php10,000, a free space in Mercato, online promotions by famous bloggers, and many more!

Feb 11, 2013

Sundate at Dong Juan.

T and I really had a nice Sunday morning. We started the day early, had lunch in S&R, then watched the movie 'Warm Bodies".  What a funny zombie movie. 

Rare occasion: Me up early on a Sunday morning and wearing sneakers, too!

Feb 9, 2013

House of Wagyu Stone Grill at the Prism Plaza.

During the Nike We Run Manila (read my blog post about the race pack), I saw a "House of Wagyu" sign. Being a steak person and all, I told T that I wanted to try it sometime. That was a few months ago and I actually forgot about it. So when T told me yesterday that he was going to pick me up at work to take me out to dinner, I was surprised he remembered and brought me to the Prism Plaza.

Feb 6, 2013

One Tagaytay Place & Azalea Restaurant.

No plans for Valentines Day?  I'm thinking of posting a list of restaurants you can try but in the meantime, here's a place where you can stay for Valentines weekend --- One Tagaytay Place.

Feb 4, 2013

RSM Lutong Bahay.

I know RSM Lutong Bahay isn't the usual place I blog about so please indulge me because this is unfamiliar territory.

Before anything else, for my non-Filipino readers, RSM is what you call "turo-turo" which translates to "point point" in English.  Yes, I know it sounds funny but it's called that because you simply had to point to which food you want and they'll serve it to you.  I wonder if we should bring Julia, who's visiting us from Russia, to a similar place.  What do you think Koryn?

Feb 1, 2013

Southern Living Magazine.

Thank you Hinge Inquirer Publications for featuring me as one of your Southerners in the January issue of Southern Living Magazine.

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