Swedish House Mafia: Live in Manila!

I knew T wanted to see the Swedish House Mafia because this might be their last performance ever. But we never talked about actually going so I just went on with my day. Imagine my surprise when T called and said that we were watching that night (read my blog post about the MOA Arena).

"What? But I'm wearing a sundress!", I said.

I could feel T rolling his eyes from the other end of the line so I decided to go to a nearby mall to shop for clothes. Bought a double-layered shimmery top and snakeskin pants from Mango. Then found a pair of Nine West heels and a green Lulu clutch in my car. Tada! Instant outfit!

We had a choice of either going to the patron or the lower box section. We chose the latter because the VIP section (standing) was packed already when we got there!

The opening number had everyone on their feet, dancing and screaming their lungs out.

Except for me. What can I say? A girl's got to eat.

But not long after, I was dancing and singing with T and everyone else.

The graphics were amazing. I'd have to say even better than David Guetta's (and his were already good!).

Have to say the same thing about the light show.

But what got everyone really pumped up was when the Swedish House Mafia flashed the Philippine flag on the giant screen.

One of them even waved a flag.

I can't believe they pulled off an INDOOR fireworks show. Amazeballs.

They ended the show without singing their most popular song here. Of course, the crowd asked for more.

Who's gonna save the world to-ni-ght?
Who's gonna bring me back to life?

After the song, they were gone and a message flashed on the big screen.

We came. We raved. And we loved it. Thank you Swedish House Mafia!

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