Star Movies Cafe and Restaurant.

I've always had a penchant for themed restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe or Planet Hollywood (read my blog post about Planet Hollywood Guam). So when T told me about the newly-opened Star Movies Cafe along Mall of Asia, I told him I wanted to go eat there despite having an upset stomach.

According to one of the servers, Star Movies Cafe is a franchise from Japan.  It is now named Movie Stars Cafe because of some legal problem with the original name.

From the outside, the cafe is already attention-grabbing with its flashy lights and movie memorabilia display.


There's even a huge King Kong head attached to the wall!

What creeped me out the most is Batman and Joker. They looked so real!

But when I went inside and took a photo with them, it wasn't so creepy anymore :P

As soon as we entered, we were greeted by this group.

Our server asked us where we wanted to sit. I chose a table near Shrek.

If you find the outside interesting, wait until you see the interior of the cafe.

Movie buffs will love it here. T and I immediately went around to take photos.

Even the servers are all decked in costumes.

That night, we were attended to by Snow White.

As much as T and I were psyched about the decor, we can't say the same for the food.

We could not grasp what cuisine Star Movies Cafe was going for. American? Japanese? Italian? All three?

It took me a while to decide what I wanted because I couldn't find anything that I was craving for until I saw The Spiderman Nachos (P599/$14). Unfortunately, our server told me that it wasn't available.

I then settled for another 'special' called the Star Wars Pizza (P699/$17).

T and I found the prices kind of expensive for what they're offering. We don't mind paying for good food (as you can see from my previous blog posts) but P999/$24 for a burger that doesn't even look any different? Hmm.

After ordering, T and I went to the back of the restaurant to take a photo of the big dinosaur head.

And that's when I saw the buffet table.  The Dino Buffet was only P699/$16 per person so I immediately canceled our orders. Since there's a 'make-your-own-burger' section, it's better to have the buffet than to order from the menu.

The buffet also includes roast chicken, roast beef, and roast pork.

For dessert, there's a fruit platter and a small tray of sweets.

In front of our table is a big screen showing the Star Movie Channel. After we had our fill of the buffet, the lights began to dim.

Warning: To all Star Wars fans, you might find the next photos disturbing ;)

A loud voice boomed across the cafe and a number of Storm Troopers marched across the stage.

The troopers then danced to a medley of music which, of course, included Psy's Gangnam Style.

After that, the other 'characters' went up the stage and danced as well.

And that's when T and I understood the expensive prices. We weren't paying for the food, we were paying for entertainment! Plus, everyone was so friendly and attentive -- game to pose for pictures, answer our questions, take our orders --- and at that moment, the prices didn't seem unreasonable to us anymore :)

Thumbs Up!
Friendly & very attentive staff.
Interesting movie memorabilia.
Entertaining show.

Thumbs Down!
Expensive food prices.
Food is so-so.

Star Movies Cafe is such a fun place! I may not recommend the food but it's definitely worth the visit. Highly entertaining. Just have the buffet since the price is more reasonable than ordering from the menu.

Star Movies Cafe
Dining Date: 9 January 2013

Seaside Boulevard
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City

Mobile No.: +63 (917) 782-1022

Facebook Page


  1. joei! it looks really cool. i'm going to check it out too soon as I have money na. hehe it's expensive pala. :)

  2. Wow I can't believe this is in Metro Manila. Ganda!

  3. Wow. It really is cool. I definitely will go there when I visit the Philippines this year. :)

  4. Ooh, I wanna go here! If not for the food, for the photo op! Haha.

  5. You're usually paying for the ambiance in places like those. Medyo lugi nga lang talaga but I like the concept. =)

  6. LIZ MARTIN. Just get the buffet. It's more value for money :)

  7. CRIS. I know me too! Good thing T spotted it!

  8. PRETTY/UGLY. You should! It's highly entertaining in there ;)

  9. KORYN. Definitely for photo ops mother! :P

  10. TIN. True. Just think about the show and the photo ops :)

  11. interesting concept! their menu prices are expensive.. 999 for a burger? i must agree..buffet na lang haha! :) will check this place out! :)

  12. BERYLLE. It's really just amusing and photo op worthy. Looking forward to your blog post about it :)

  13. thank you for the post. i was wondering if buying the metrodeal voucher for the star movie's cafe for P399 is worth it. maybe just for the ambiance, we might try it, ha ha ha

  14. thanks for this review. they have an ongoing promo 400 for the Dino buffet, do you think it's a good deal?

  15. BATANGALA. I think it's sulit if P399 for the buffet. I just hope it's the same buffet that we had with a lot of dishes to choose from :)

  16. ANON. If at P400, I think it's a good deal. Like I said, I just hope it's the same buffet that we had :)

  17. Hello Joei,

    Thanks for the info and the photos. A friend of mine told me that he bought some vouchers which is why I googled about the resto and found your blog. Will definitely charge my cam for the photo ops. Thanks again! :o)

  18. CELESTE. You're welcome :) Happy reading and have fun in Star Movies Cafe!

  19. Joei! Will check this out next weekend. Will lower our expectations on the food though :) <3

  20. I wouldn't mind if the food is so-so! I'd love to have OOTD post here. (tee-hee) Cabt believe this is just near MOA. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Is there a lunch buffet? How much would it cost if so?


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