Hacienda Isabella.

One of my dearest friends from college, Ara Sam, wanted to celebrate her birthday somewhere in Tagaytay. She first suggested Sonya's Garden (read my blog post on Sonya's Garden) and I usually would have said yes since it's one of my favorite places. But I see these friends of mine only once or twice a year so I wanted to try something new with them.

I then went through my list of places that I wanted to try with T and suggested Hacienda Isabella to Ara.

Hacienda Isabella is in Indang, Cavite and belongs to the famous singer, Kuh Ledesma. She named the property after her daughter.

How To Get There

The place is about half an hour's drive away from Tagaytay. Here are driving directions:

1. Upon reaching Tagaytay from the Sta Rosa SLEX exit, turn right towards the Tagaytay rotonda.
2. After passing the rotonda, just go straight. You'll pass Taal Vista Hotel, the Pagcor casino and the old Mendez market.
3. After Bag of Beans is the Sotogrande Subdivision. Make a right turn after that to a street called General Maglabe.
4. Go straight past the Flower Farm and an arc that says "Welcome Barangay Anoling Lejos".
5. When you see a triangular barangay hall on your left, make a sharp left downward.
6. Go straight then turn right on the corner that says Carasuchi.
7. In about 5 minutes, you'll see Hacienda Isabella on your left.

In any case, there are signs pointing to where you should be headed so you won't get lost.

We entered the second gate that leads to the parking area. I love how the trees meet each other in the middle.

After we parked, we waited for someone to tell us where to go. But we couldn't see anyone nearby. So T and I just found our way through the trees.

Before anything else, I want you to meet my friends. Girls from left to right: Gene, Di, Ara (the birthday girl), and me. The boys on the two opposite sides are Gilbert on the left (Gene's boyfriend) and of course, you all know, T on my right.

The Dining Area

They seated us on a huge table that reminded us of the TV series "The Game of Thrones". We all loved it.

While waiting for the food, my friends and I took photos around the dining area.

The place looks amazing! This is my favorite area.

Another thing I like are the white couches/daybeds.

On the other hand, my least favorite are these little critters on the floor. If I saw them around nighttime, I would've jumped and screamed, thinking they were real.

I was surprised when Kuh Ledesma appeared from the kitchen asking us how we all were. She even gave each of us a pamphlet to read. Looking back, I wish we asked to have a photo taken with her :)


Like Sonya's Garden, the price is not per dish but per person. Set menu is P650/$17 per head. Dishes may be refilled upon request and drinks are bottomless.

Cream of Pumpkin Soup
I love the soup! I even asked for a second serving. However, my second bowl tasted different. It wasn't as creamy and flavorful compared to my first.

I wasn't able to try this because I gave mine to Ara. I thought food was supposed to be refillable upon request so I don't know why they weren't able to give Ara another one when she asked the server for it.

Green Salad with Fruits in Season
I liked the not-so-common fruit mix in their salad --- chico! I'm not really fond of the fruit but appreciated its flavor when mixed with the others.

Roasted Herbed Chicken
It doesn't look like a lot in the photo but the chicken was huge. Our group wasn't even able to finish the whole thing.

For the pasta, they gave us two sauces --- Amatriciana and Tinapa sauce.

Tinapa is a Filipino term for smoked fish. It's usually paired with rice and not pasta so naturally, I was intrigued. I placed a huge chunk of noodles on my plated and topped it off with a generous serving of Tinapa sauce. It was surprisingly good!

I wasn't able to try the Amatriciana sauce but my friends said the Tinapa sauce was better.

The juice tasted citrus-y but not really like lemonade.

Camote Fries
Camote is sweet potato in Filipino. Everyone was so full so this was just the right amount of dessert to satisfy our palate.

Tour of the Grounds

The day before, Gene was worried that the weather wouldn't cooperate since it had been raining for a few days now. "Positive thinking!", I told her. And it worked! It was a bright, sunshiny day.

I told T that he'll probably never find a cat around the area. I was wrong. He spotted one.

We saw a little hut across the field and wanted to see what it was.

It was a beautiful veranda beside the swimming pool. Everyone wanted a photo taken in this area that we forgot to take a photo of the pool.

Hacidenda Isabella is a good wedding venue because aside from its beautiful and photogenic landscape, they also have rooms for guests who may want to stay overnight after the reception.

After taking photos, my friends and I went back to our table expecting that they'll serve us coffee or tea. But we couldn't see any servers around so I just asked my friends to open the presents I got for them --- Kimmi Dolls! Aren't they the cutest?

My friends and I (plus the boyfriends, of course) stayed for a while, exchanging stories and catching up with each other's lives. Everyone agreed that we should do this more often. We all had so much fun!

Thumbs Up!
Beautiful and scenic place.

Thumbs Down!
Not-so attentive (no one was asking us if we needed anything) and friendly (no one was smiling except for one who took our photos willingly :)) servers.
Mosquitos appear when it's about to get dark (which is expected so just bring bug spray).

I recommend this place for intimate gatherings and weddings. 

Hacienda Isabella
Dining Date: 30 December 2012

Indang, Cavite
Tel No.s: (632) 625-2453; (632) 531-0688
Mobile Nos.: (63917) 813-9065; (63920) 953-9488

Official Website
Facebook Page

Visits to Hacienda Isabella are strictly by appointment. 


  1. ganda ng place! i love your look, very casual yet chic :)

  2. One my friends had her wedding there :) Really pretty place, even more magical at night when it's all made up and strung with lights :)

    But I didn't realize you could eat there din pala!

  3. I've never been to Hacienda Isabella but it looks like a lovely place. I always come back to your blog for pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  4. MAITA. Thank you so much! That's so sweet :) Happy reading!

  5. Lovely girls! :-) My visit to the hacienda was a success because of your very detailed directions going to the place. Thanks much!


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