A Bridal Sparty at Pink Me Up.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, my good friend Ivy Hayagan is getting married soon! So maid of honor Mina Seguerra and secondary sponsor Nadine Cuisia arranged a sparty last Friday at Pink Me Up.

Ivy thought she was meeting Mina for coffee in Rockwell but instead I appeared. She knew something was up but didn't know where we were going.

The place is so pretty! I'd love to have a reading room or a walk-in closet designed like this.

Everything's so pink and dainty! It's definitely the perfect place to have a bridal sparty.

Before anything else, Mina gave Ivy a tiara to wear for the evening.


We began with a prayer led by our bride-to-be.


Then it was time to eat!

Mina told me they didn't have time to bake cupcakes so they bought chocolate mallows (innovative!) and made them look really nice by inserting pretty toppers made by Nadine.




The toppers match the invitations that Nadine sent us through Facebook.

The spa therapists gave us different treatments to choose from. Ivy and I chose the Red Velvet (P480/$12) treatment which includes a foot spa and a pedicure.

They first applied a lotion-like substance on our legs then wrapped them in plastic. Afterwards, the spa therapist came back with warm towels which she also wrapped around our legs.

After everyone had their treatments, it was game time. The first one we played was Pinoy Henyo ("Filipino Genius"). Ivy had to guess words by asking questions answerable only by "Yes" or "No".

Then they presented Ivy with a cake from Kink Cakes.


After Ivy "blew" her cake (no pun intended), I had to go because it was getting late. But before I left, Mina asked me to get a goodie bag.


I have utmost respect to those who arrange DIY parties because I know from personal experience how difficult it is (read my blog post on T's Stache Bash). So good job girls!


And to my dearest Ivy, I wish you and Fred all the happiness and love (and babies)! Excited for this weekend. See you then! :)

Pink Me Up
Sparty Date: 25 January 2013

Unit 2D Lee Gardens Condominium
(Above Security Bank and Starbucks)
Shaw Boulevard corner Lee Street
Mandaluyong City

Tel No.: (632) 358-2412
Mobile No.: (63915) 139-2234; (63947) 965-0507

Facebook Page

How To Get There

Here's a map that Mina sent us:


  1. I want my bedroom to look like that - pastel pink and white and super dainty!!! Great job Mins and Nadine! And congrats in advance to Ivy :) Welcome to the wifey club!! :)
    PS I really like that hair color on you Joei!

    xo Patty

  2. I love sparties! Great work to the organizers. Everything really looked perfect right down to the victorian theme :)

  3. MRS P CUYUGAN. Thanks! Re: room design, diba it's so nice? But the question is.. will Mr. Cuyugan agree to such a girly design? :D

  4. Ganda ng color theme nung place... I want this scheme for my house.

  5. What a pretty place indeed! And I love your dress!

  6. JULIA. Thank you! Was actually looking for that dress for a while now. Finally bought one :)

  7. Whoa! That place is just around the neighborhood. How come I haven't heard of it before? Haha.


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