The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences (part 3): Hotel Tour & Brasserie Boheme.

continued from part 2...

Day 2

The morning after our mustache theme party, T and I went around The Picasso to explore the different parts of the hotel.

Ground Floor

At the ground level is their restaurant, Brasserie Boheme. Reading that it's by 'The Gustavian', T and I wondered where we heard that very familiar name. Then we remembered that it was one of the restaurants we were supposed to go to while we were in Cebu (read my post about Valentines in Cebu).

On a Sunday, Makati is quiet and peaceful, making the outside dining area a nice place to have coffee or read a newspaper.

Our overnight stay came with breakfast for two. Brassiere Boheme's breakfast spread is simple ---- cheese, bread, jam, fruits, cereal, and porridge.

Aside from that, we each also get to choose a hot plate from the Breakfast Menu. T got Eggs Benedict.

I got Bacon & Eggs. I asked for poached eggs but you can have them cooked any way you want. I'm not sure if this is really how authentic poached eggs should be but both mine and T's were sour, like it was cooked in vinegar instead of water.

Also on the ground floor are the spa (Qi Wellness) or the salon (Studio 119) but I didn't see them.

Second Floor

After breakfast, T and I went to the WiFi Lounge on the second floor.

There are two laptops for guests to use.

Fourth Floor

Everything on this floor was closed since it was a Sunday. Too bad, I really wanted to see the Art Gallery.

Fifth and Sixth Floors

The Picasso's gym is impressive for a boutique hotel and occupies two floors.

T brought gym clothes but didn't have the energy that morning.


While we were checking out, I noticed a souvenir "boutique" beside the lobby.

But instead of a store, the items are displayed like artifacts in a museum.

There are also artwork for sale displayed on the wall.


Everyone was helpful and friendly especially when I had some requests for the Stache Bash such as tables, chairs, scissors, pitchers, etc. The concierge was likewise efficient in making sure to call before anyone goes upstairs. I only encountered one problem the morning after our stay.

After settling our account, the lady in the lobby processing our check out told us to take a seat so she could reverse the P5,000/$120 deposit they charged on my card. It took her quite a while that I had to approach her and ask if there was a problem with the transaction, especially since it was the morning of the Pacquiao fight so we were in a bit of a hurry. Apparently, she was already done but forgot to update us. Yikes. Plus, we missed watching the fight.

But all in all, T and I enjoyed our stay at The Picasso. We fell in love with the loft! Hopefully, we can have another staycation here soon.

The Picasso Boutique

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  1. If I'm not mistaken, poached eggs are cooked in water with a little vinegar mixed in. This is supposed to make the egg whites harden faster so you get a nicely shaped egg. :)

    I've been wanting to try out Picasso, but haven't had a reason to. Hopefully I get to go soon.

    xo Patty

  2. PATTY. Oh! Sorry not domesticated :D The eggs benedict I've tried in Slice, Apartment 1B, Bizu, and other places aren't really that sour so that got me thinking.


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