The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences (part 2): The 'Stache Bash.

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T's birthday was coming up though I knew he was never really for hosting big parties. But it was his big three-oh and I wanted to do something for him. His high school friends usually have an annual Christmas get together and I thought that would be a good cover-up for a surprise party.

Months before, I booked a loft at The Picasso Boutique and planned to order food from Conti's, so that left only the theme for me to take care of. I wanted a "Mustache Bash" for T since it was his 30th and what better symbol of manhood than a mustache. It was also timely since T was really growing a mustache. Serendipity!

Unfortunately, there aren't really much 'party stores' in the Philippines and I had to do almost everything from scratch. The day before the party, I bought balloons, a portable balloon inflater, black cartolina, board paper, picture frames, black spray paint, pails, and everything else you'll see in this post.

I never thought a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) party required so much effort so I was thankful that T's sister, Michelle, was there to help me out.

The first thing I did was to set up a pseudo photobooth where guests will have their mandatory mugshots.

As props, I made different kinds of mustaches with the help of T's mom and sister. The sign is also DIY.

I placed party hats around that area for those who want to wear them during their mugshot.

Here are some of the mugshots that night.

Beside the mugshot area are the goodie bags. I bought T's favorite chocolate, candies, and snacks for guests to take home after the party.

Here's a closer look at my DIY goodie bags.

Check out the sign, Shave it for later! Pun intended :)

Next is the drinks area. It was Michelle's idea to make blue lemonade to contrast with the red and white straws we bought. Wet your whiskers!

We also attached mustaches on the straws to stay true to the theme.

Of course, we also have alcohol but that's for later.

While I was pumping air into the balloons, Michelle started on the dessert table. We had chocolate mousse cake, panna cotta, cookie dough cupcakes, milk & cookies, and salted macarons.

You guys should check out Michelle's Coco Cakes Facebook page for more dessert goodies.

Not long after, T and his friends arrived and the party began. T was surprised that his brother and sister, and their friends, were there as well. Can you see the balloons with mustaches in the background?

It wasn't really T's birthday yet but we sang "Happy Birthday" and made him blow candles, actually, sparklers.

I gave the girls mustache rings as party favors.

I think pictures will speak louder than words so here are some snapshots from that night.

Thank you to everyone who went to the Stache Bash. I hope you guys enjoyed that night! And happy, happy birthday T! It was worth all the effort to see you happy :) xoxo

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Staycation Date: 8-9 December 2012

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  1. aaaw it looks really a fun party! I love you how you arranged the party and even made the DIY things, very creative. I love the sweets <3


  2. You know when I first saw the photos on FB, I thought it was a themed resto or something.

    Good job, mother! ;)

  3. Happy birthday T!

    What a really nice party you rew for him. Never knew a "moustache party" can have a lot of fun details :)

  4. JANE. Thanks! It was fun doing it! :)

  5. KORYN. I'm having issues with my iPad Facebook uploader app plus slooow internet. So I couldn't upload all the photos at once :/

  6. CRIS. It seems like a lot of people are having mustache parties now. I see a few on my Facebook wall :P

  7. I remember some of the photos from Facebook - this looks like such a seriously cool party with so much thought put into everything. Great job!

  8. JULIA. Couldn't believe I pulled it off! ;) Thanks!


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