Taking One Final Look at 2012.

Before 2012 comes to an end, come join me as I take a one final look at a year full of love, friendship, challenges, opportunities, and everything else in between.

New Year's Eve 2012

My very first photo with T. We spent New Year's Eve watching fireworks from a cliff in Tagaytay Highlands before joining our friends back in Manila for the parties.

The Golden Monthsary

Just a little celebration I made up since T and I already hit the 50th mark :)

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Pre-Valentines Trip to Cebu

An impromptu trip to Cebu, totally unplanned.

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Valentines in Bohol

T and I were so in love with our villa that we didn't even bother to join any tours, not even to visit the Chocolate Hills!

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Scuba Diving in Anilao

I've tried an intro dive before but this is the first time that I was on my own. No instructor holding me up or directing me where to go. Such a surreal experience. What more when I get to visit those beautiful dive spots in the deeper parts of the sea.

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Anvaya Cove

A quick trip to Subic with our friends.

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Marcia Adams

One of the prettiest restaurants we've been to. T and I felt like we were in one of the scenes of 'The Secret Garden'.

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Labor Day in Boracay

What a fun, fun weekend!

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Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, we treated my mom to dinner at The Champagne Room.

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The Impeachment Trial of Chief Justice Corona

The first impeachment trial of a Chief Justice in Philippine history. Final verdict? Guilty.

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My Birthday

All for the love of what I do.. Rushed to the Emergency Room twice in a row. On my second visit to the ER, the doctor said I should be confined already. And so I was, the whole of my birthday week. But it was no biggie. Glad to have my much needed rest. And Asian Hospital is the best! They remembered and gave me a birthday fruit platter and a birthday card. Plus, my family and T were there beside me all the way, showering me with love and gifts. I felt really blessed :)

Meet Mariachi

Years after the death of my beloved cat, I was ready to "love" again :)


One of the most beautiful places T and I have ever seen.

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Meg Magazine Feature

Chosen as one of Meg Magazine's 30 Movers and Shakers under 30 for 2012.

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Foster Care Act of 2012

The first bill I ever worked on became a law! Republic Act No. 10165, otherwise known as The Foster Care Act of 2012.

Day Trip to Guimaras

One of my crazy ideas. What an adventure!

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Mother-Daughter Trip to Davao

My mom and I went to Davao and stayed at the Pearl Farm Resort.

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Steve Aoki and David Guetta

Back-to-back concerts.

Anniversary at Dos Palmas Resort

Just what we needed.. A relaxing trip to one of our favorite provinces, Palawan!

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Another Magazine Feature

Since this issue is yet to be published, I won't mention anything first :)

My First 10K Run

To support T's friend Jino Ferrer, we joined the Nike We Run Manila. Only T was in shape! I haven't jogged in years and our other friend Raffy Dy had a sprain. I must have been out of my mind to do this without any training whatsoever but it was fun!

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The Stache Bash

My first attempt at a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) party for T's big 3-0. It was a challenge but I had so much fun planning and organizing it!

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The Reproductive Health (RH) Bill

I know I said I won't blog about anything too personal but this is history as we know it. After 13 years, the Reproductive Health Bill is now a law. Republic Act No. 10354, otherwise known as the Reproductive Health Act of 2012.


T and I spent Christmas with family and friends. On Christmas Day, we stopped by our farm first then headed straight to Tagaytay Highlands.

One Last Hurrah

To celebrate my friend Ara Sam's birthday, we went here.

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So that's it! 2012 has finally come to a close. I felt sad while taking that trip down memory lane but I know it's time to welcome the new year. 2012 has been great but I'm also excited to see what 2013 has in store for me :)

Happy New Year!!!


  1. happy new year po! love love love sa inyong dalawa!

  2. Wow, you are a really busy lady! (Congrats on the bill! That's HUGE!) Happy new year! I look forward to traveling vicariously through you for another year!

  3. Happy 2013! All the best this new year. :)

  4. KULAPITOT. Happy New Year also! Thank you for always visiting my blog :)

  5. J. Happy New Year also! Thank you so much! That's sweet of you :)


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