Nike We Run Manila 10K 2012: The Race Pack.

T already got our race packs for Nike We Run Manila 10K 2012 scheduled on Sunday, December 2!

What's inside the bag? A pamphlet containing everything we need to know about the race.

The pamphlet folds out to show event information, programme description, maps, race etiquette, instructions for the D-tag, and a whole lot more.

The D-Tag is similar to the chip usually found on race bibs used to keep track of a runner's finishing time.

And of course, the Nike race goodies! A water bottle, the VIP bracelet (not in all packs) and the race singlet. I love the water bottle and the singlet is pretty cool except that I should've gotten a medium instead of a small. It fits like a glove... Literally. Yikes.

I haven't really jogged since I sprained my ankle but they say this year's Nike We Run Manila has a pretty unique concept (no, probably not zombies). So I'm pretty excited for it despite foreseeing my inability to run the whole 10K route.

The distribution of race packs will be from November 27 until November 30 at Nike Park Bonifacio High Street from 10am to 10pm.

Any of you joining the race? See you guys there! :)


  1. we had ours here last month! the same giveaways/freebies, too :) and there's another shirt for 10k finishers!

  2. good luck! I secretly admire runners...


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