Tsukiji Restaurant.

Pasay Road is a haven of Japanese restaurants. This is where T and I go when we crave for really good, authentic Japanese cuisine. One of the best (and one of the most expensive ones) that we've tried is Tsukiji.

Upon entering Tsukiji, a wall of Japanese bottles greeted us.

Turning right from the entrance, we found ourselves in the main dining area.

T and I chose a private booth.

We both got Miso Soup (P90/$2.50) with fermented soybean paste.

T got his usual Maguro Sashimi (tuna). It was quite pricey at P650/$17 but when we tasted it, we knew why. The best tuna sashimi we've ever had!

I got the Negihamachi Maki (P430/$11) which is chopped yellow tail with spring onion roll.

For our main, T chose the Gindara Teriyaki (P990/$26) which they call "the original grilled black cod".

Of course, we wanted to try their 5pc Ebi Tempura (P650/$17).

T and I felt the orders weren't enough for us so we got an additional Yakitori (P390/$9.50) which is 3pc grilled skewered chicken seasoned with salt or teriyaki sauce. This took a while to arrive though.

For dessert, I had Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream (P220/$6).

Like I said in the beginning of this post, we turned right to go to the main dining area. So after eating, T and I explored the other side of the restaurant which had private function rooms for corporate meetings or big family dinners (5 to 30 persons).

On the way out, I noticed a maneki-neko. People think this is a Chinese lucky cat since we always see it in Chinese stores but the origin of this cat is actually Japanese. In fact, neko is cat in Japanese.

We left with happy and satisfied tummies. Sayonara!

Thumbs Up!
Really good, authentic Japanese cuisine right in the middle of the metro.

Thumbs Down!
Not really a thumbs down since the food is worth it but prices are more expensive than the usual. So make sure you have a budget ready when going here. Otherwise, you'll keep ordering whatever's 'less expensive' which defeats the purpose of dining here.

We'll definitely go back to Tsukiji!

Dining Date: October 2011

3rd Floor Milky Way Building
900 Arnaiz Rd (formerly Pasay Rd)
Corner Paseo de Roxas
Makati City

Tel No.: (632) 843-4285, (632) 812-2913
Official Website

Open Daily:
11:30 am – 2:30 pm
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


  1. Oh my gosh Joei I love your bag!!! I had lunch at Tsukiji with some work friends a couple of years ago. Good thing our boss was treating coz we really weren't prepared for the price tags that came with our meals! But it was super sulit coz everything was so good. I actually forgot about this place already. Glad you blogged about it. Now I can bug Mr C to take me there!


  2. MRS P CUYUGAN. Thanks! Mulberry had a collaboration and I just had to get it!

    You and the husband should go to Tsukiji! We love it there :)

  3. According to my calculation that was a 3420 peso dinner! excluding tax and other charges of course.

  4. Wow everything looks really good! Nothing beats authentic japanese food to make me weak in the knees :D


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