Remembering Las Vegas (part 2): New Years Day.

New Year's Day
1 January 2011

Everyone woke up early the next day except me. Sleepyhead! My other friends went ahead to Aria while Lizbeth and Rudi waited for me. Since Lizbeth wanted to explore The Strip, we decided to walk instead of taking a cab.

We started from Luxor and took photos along the way.

Lizbeth was freezing so we went inside New York, New York to look for coffee.

Remember the movie "Coyote Ugly" which was based on a true story of a bartender? This is the place!

Near the exit of New York, New York is a Statue of Liberty miniature made out of jelly beans.

If there's one thing I love to eat, it's steak! Gallagher's is a famous steakplace in New York City. Got hungry when we passed this place.

Since Lizbeth got her coffee fix already, we were ready to face the freezing cold again.

Next up was Monte Carlo. Rudi captured this perfect moment of me and Lizbeth goofing around. Really, this wasn't orchestrated! ;)

After a few more stops here and there, we were at The Crystals where all of the nice shops are.

Aria is just nearby so I asked if I could stop by the The Crystals first. Last time I went to Vegas, it was still being built.

Inside Aria is a really nice patisserie, Jean Philippe.

Having a really bad sweet tooth, I wanted to buy and eat everything!

Then I went to The Buffet to meet up with Shihan, Tina and Mica, where I had plate after plate after plate of angus, salmon, shrimps, and king crabs.

The Buffet also includes a serving of lobster per diner.  I was kind of disappointed that they only served one lobster per person because in Laughlin (read my post on Laughlin, Nevada), the buffet includes unlimited access to lobsters plus their buffet price is even cheaper!

And then after how many rounds of main dishes comes the best part, dessert!

I think we got too much because it was only just me and Mica left at the buffet.

Last 2 standing.. Or should I say sitting?

After walking around for a bit, we all went to Mix at the top of THEhotel.

High atop THEhotel, this fashionable hotspot is one of the most stylish lounges in Las Vegas. Offering stellar cocktail concoctions, an innovative bar menu and a seductive blend of music spun by savvy DJs, every night leads somewhere interesting. Reserve a table indoors, or step out on the 64th-floor balcony and enjoy the most stunning view of Las Vegas.

to be continued...

New Years in Vegas

Trip Date: 30 Dec 2010 - 2 Jan 2011


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