Remembering Las Vegas (part 1): New Year's Eve.

Since it's beginning to feel like the holidays with the cool breeze outside and Christmas songs playing everywhere, let me share with you a previous trip to Vegas for New Years.

New Year's Eve
31 Dec 2010

My friends and I went to Vegas for New Year's in 2010. Hours before the countdown, we stayed at THEhotel (Mandalay Bay) watching TV and basically just resting because we wanted to be alive and kicking when the clock struck 12.

Well, almost resting. We kind of took photos in between to test a new iPhone photo app.

Then we realized we didn't have New Year's accessories. We went down and wandered through the different hotel lobbies, searching for them in stores. Luckily, we found headbands, hats, necklaces, and bracelets. Some of the accessories were even given to us for free!

Before we knew it, it was already 10:30 pm. But we haven't had dinner yet so we dressed up and went to The China Grill in Mandalay Bay. We had to wait a while to get seated because everyone was already there having dinner and waiting for the countdown.

Let me introduce you to my friends. From left to right: Rudi (Lizbeth's boyfriend), me, Lizbeth (T's college friend), Tina (my college friend and Lizbeth's housemate), Shihan (Tina's boyfriend) and Mica (another friend from college and Lizbeth's housemate). See how our world intertwines? T, me, our college friends, and all that :)

Tina ordered dishes for everyone to share.

She ordered a lot but I wasn't able to take photos of all of them. Everyone was famished!

The food was really good.. So good that we lost track of the time! It was almost midnight and we were still eating. We hurriedly got the bill and ran towards the exit when the voice echoing throughout the hotel lobby announced that it was only a minute before countdown.

We ran as fast as we could, with our dresses, heels and all. We only paused to clap and cheer on a guy who was proposing to his girlfriend. Then we heard it: "10...9...8...7...6...", we knew we wouldn't make it to the exit. So we looked for a place where a huge crowd was and stayed there.

"...5...4...3...2...1... Happy New Year!!!!!"

Everyone was hugging, shouting, jumping, dancing, and greeting each other a happy new year! I took a nice photo of Lizbeth and Rudi.. If only he remembered to leave the plastic bag on the table.

Everyone was happy to take group photos even if we we were all strangers. We didn't even mind the couple posing in the background.

After our photo op, we hurried towards the exit because we could still hear fireworks outside. On our way there, we were handed champagne and other drinks by different people celebrating with their families and friends. Ok, so going outside wasn't such a good idea. It was FREEZING COLD! People who passed us would tell us jokingly, "You girls are crazy!". I even had to ask Rudi to hold my frozen drinks because I couldn't feel my hands anymore.

To make the most out of our hypothermia-like experience, might as well pose for a photo. Oh-so-patient Rudi took a couple of shots but I think this is the best one with the pyramid-shaped Luxor Hotel visible in the background.

After that, Lizbeth, Rudi, Mica and I met up with Tina and Shihan before we called it a night.  And yes, that's still Rudi's plastic bag in the picture :P

to be continued...

New Years in Vegas
Trip Date: 30 Dec 2010 - 2 Jan 2011

Part 1 - New Year's Eve
Part 2 - New Year's Day
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  1. looks like you guys had lots of fun! and you have a small world of friends!!

  2. Great pictures! I've been to Vegas but I've never celebrated new year's there. Must have been awesome! Can't wait for part 2

  3. super payat niyo pa po dun sa mga photos :)


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