PAL & AirPhil: What's My Terminal?

Philippine Airlines (PAL) recently transferred some of its flights to AirPhilippines (AirPhil). For those going out of town next week, better check your flight status to avoid airport frenzies.

Go to to know your new designated airport terminals.

It doesn't matter whether you booked your flight last month or last year. PAL's basis is the date of departure, which is any flight from 28 October 2012 onwards. I booked my flight with PAL early this year but still my flight was transferred to AirPhil.

I was bummed because PAL flights are more expensive as they use bigger planes. But in a way, I'm fine with the new set-up because aside from the fact that I will now depart from the new terminal (NAIA 3), my Mabuhay Miles Card now recognizes miles flown from AirPhil flights as well.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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  1. Why don't they just have 1 terminal? It's always so confusing. =(


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