Marcia Adams' Tuscany.

To start the month, allow me to give you a burst of sunshine through this place that looks like a scene taken out of The Secret Garden --- Marcia Adams' Tuscany.

I've always wanted to eat in Marcia Adams' Tuscany (I know it was called 'Tuscany' before but for some reason it's just called Marcia Adams Restaurant now) but T and I just couldn't find the time.  Last April, T and I were on our way to his family get-together but it got canceled.  But since we were already on our way to the venue, instead of turning back to go home, we went straight to Tagaytay.

How To Get There

From the Tagaytay rotonda, head west towards Nasugbu, Batangas.  At the boundary of Alfonso and Tagaytay, turn right.  After 100 meters, Marcia Adams will be to your left.  See the map below for more details.

Image credit: Marcia Adams' Facebook page

From what I know, Marcia and her husband Neil both live in the property and since Marcia is a chef, they opened up a restaurant beside their home.  

The restaurant is hidden within a garden.  There are a lot of beautiful and unique plants around.


This is the entrance to the restaurant.

There is a table outside for those who prefer to stay outdoors.

This is the main dining area.

This table by the window has a really nice view of the garden.

Another nice spot is the outdoor veranda.

While I looked at the decors...

...T checked out the kitchen.

There are a few other tables located on the other side.

I chose a table by the window.

The bouquet of roses by my side were so pretty.  

There are a lot of flowers around the area.

There is a consumable cover charge of P700/$18 per person (so you can't just go there and take photos). The main course price is for a 3-course meal which includes an appetizer and dessert.

Although I have a Kindle, I still prefer hard copies of books.  During this time, I was reading "Matched".

After we placed our orders, we asked the server to take our photo.

This is our view while waiting for our food.

Not long, our server came out with bread and oil and water for us.

I got the Lemon Bitters (P85). It's a concoction by Marcia Adams which isn't really your usual lemonade but I liked it.

The pitcher looks good enough for two but because it's really refreshing, I would advise ordering your own.  

T had the Bundaberg Ginger Beer (P85). We ordered it thinking it was the drink of the same brand that tastes like rootbeer. But T loved it nevertheless.

For his appetizer (comes with T's main course), T got the Amalfi Prawns, crispy and succulent prawns marinated in salt, pepper, olive oil, parsley, coated with bread crumbs and pan-fried.  I just asked for some so I could taste them.  It was soooo good!

For my appetizer (comes with my main course), I got the Soup of the Day and had it split into two.  They have daily specials so best to ask your server what's available.

For his main, T got Classic Shish Kebabs (P985/$25), lamb marinated in lemon, salt, pepper and olive oil.  I don't eat lamb so I don't know what it tasted like but T said it was a-ok.

I ordered the Native Chicken but didn't really like it that much.  The flavor was fine but the I found the serving size too small (the chicken part they gave me was almost bones!)

For dessert, T got the Lavender Creme Brulee.

While I got the Panna Cotta With Lemon Sauce.  Both desserts were really good.

T and I both ordered Coffee Press (P70/$2) since we wanted to stay a bit longer and enjoy the place.

A view of the garden from the inside.

More flowers by the entrance.

This is the view from the outside.

I could sit in this chair and read all afternoon.

It was such a beautiful day.

The bill was given to us in a nice-looking envelope.

But even after getting the bill, T and I stayed for a while and waited until the sun was just about to set.

On the way out, Marcia Adams' husband (Mr. Adams!) walked us to our car.

Thumbs Up!
Beautiful ambiance (I felt like I was in one of the scenes of  "The Secret Garden").
Good food (except for my main course).

Thumbs Down!
There were a lot of construction going on when we visited. 
I didn't like the main course I ordered (Native Chicken) but I think they already removed it from the menu.

The perfect date place.  T and I will definitely make time to dine here one of these days.

Marcia Adams' Tuscany
Dining Date: 15 April 2012

J.P.Rizal St, Brgy Sikat,
Alfonso, Cavite

Mobile No.: +63 (917) 801-1456


  1. It's really a lovely place. It's somewhere you would want to spend your sunday afternoon just sipping a cold drink and watch the sun set.

  2. cool ambiance! very nice place

  3. Hi Joei! I was thinking of going here next weekend. Read lots of great reviews! Thanks for sharing :) The plates they use are really pretty. ;)

  4. I love it! Whenever i visit your blog, I take notes of where you've been so that I know where to take my Mr. D when we're married. Because we're conservative, we haven't really been on many trips in our last five years together. But it won't be long now. :D Thanks for sharing and keep it coming!!!

  5. joei, it's a lovely place and your photos did it justice. i definitely will include this in my must visit places. :)

  6. woah... who would've thought that this is actually here in the Philippines!!!! i want to go there! :)

  7. hello! i love your blog! im following you now, if you like my blog, follow me back please! XoXo

  8. True, it's a very lovely place. But food and service are terrible. It was my family second time to dine there last week. The first time was 2 yrs ago, we were very impressed then. We ordered the aromatic roast pork and the octopus which we remembered were really very good. Boy, we were very disappointed. The spareribs that was served to us was so puny that it can be compared to the liempo served at jt manukan. I think jt's bigger. And jt's only cost 110. Ok, ok, let's factor in the ambiance. But still, i don't think it will hurt them just to add a few more grams. So I told the waitress that we want to change our order bec there is no way I'm paying 700 pesos for it. The waitress came back and told me that the owner said it's what their supplier supplied them. Oh the nerve, those words coming from the owner herself. But I insisted that they change it. After 3 changes, I finally accepted the 3rd liempo, although it was really not any bigger. We also ordered the rabbit stew. Just like with your experience, it was mostly bones. Also for the octopus, I felt it was reheated so many times already and the flavor was sweet, unlike 2 years ago. We paid around 5,000 pesos for 5 people plus the gas and toll fees, we were very very disappointed. We had so much high expectation.

  9. True, it is a very lovely place. But food and service are terrible. It wasn't the same anymore unlike 2 years ago when we were very impressed. We ordered the aromatic
    Pork and octopus which we remembered were very good. The spareribs that came out was so puny and thin. Jt's liempo is a lot bigger and only it's 110. Ok ok, so let's factor in the ambiance. But I don't think it will hurt them to add a few more grams of meat. I told the waitress that there is no way I'm paying 700 pesos for it. She came back and told us that the owner said it's what their supplier supplied them. Oh the nerve, and those words coming from the owner herself. But I insisted that they change it, so after 4 changes I finally accepted the 4th, although it was really any bigger. The octopus, I felt was already reheated many times and very sweet, unlike before. I also had the same observation as yours but ours was the rabbit stew. It was mostly bones and this costs more than 800 pesos. Still, the flavor was so-so. We spent more than 5,000 pesos for five people, what we got was bad service and mediocre food. The ambiance cannot even compensate terrible service and food that we got.


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