Ganso Shabuway.

I was never really a fan of hotpots because I couldn't see how a bowl of soup can be a substitute for my whole meal. But Ganso Shabuway changed my mind about this!  Coming from the airport last May (read my post on Boracay Labor Day Weekend), T and I went here to have dinner before heading home.

Unlike P.F. Chang's (read my blog post on P.F. Chang's), I never really heard of Ganso Shabuway from family or friends in the United States, despite it originating from there.  

Ganso Shabuway has branches in San Mateo, Mountain View, and San Jose, (all in California).  And now, they opened more branches here in the Philippines, particularly in Greenbelt 5, Rockwell, and Alabang Town Center.  

There are two kinds of Shabu Shabu Set Menus for two people.  Both sets comes with a beef platter, two cups of rice, two sets of dipping sauces, and choices of broth.

The only difference is that Set A comes with Veggie Plate A and Veggie Plate B (P949/$22.50) while Set B comes with Veggie Plate A and Mushroom Plate (P989/$24).  We got Set B because T wanted the mushroom plate.

This is the meat platter that comes with the shabu shabu set for two: 250g of US Meyer Natural Angus Beef.

For the broth, we were given 2 options: Traditional Seaweed and Spicy Miso. Since it was our first time, our server suggested getting half and half so we can taste both broths.  But I prefer Spicy Miso.  Traditional Seaweed seemed a bit bland for me.

Ganso Shabuway has 2 homemade dipping sauces made with soft water and all natural ingredients.  The Ponzu Sauce is a sweet and sour sauce made from a fish sauce base and adds a tangy flavor to the meat.

The other one is the Sesame Sauce which is made from sesame seeds and has a sweet and rich taste.

This is our server teaching us how to "cook" our food.  Well, he ended up cooking everything for us :P

After dinner, I craved for something sweet after eating so I ordered a Mochi which is an ice cream ball.  I wanted strawberry or chocolate but at that time, they only had green tea left.

Thumbs Up!
Very attentive servers.
They serve good meat.

Thumbs Down!
The only thing I don't like about Ganso Shabuway is that they don't have iced tea!

I was actually thinking of asking T if we could eat here again soon :)

Ganso Shabuway
Dining Date: 1 May 2012

Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City

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