Stylepilot: Personal Style Engine For Men.

I know majority of my readers are female but I'm pretty sure you'll find this personal style guide for men interesting for your boyfriend, husband or brother. I know I did. It's called Stylepilot (

You know those apps or websites for women where we piece together different items of clothing? Stylepilot works the same way for men.

The third step is the most important one.. Looking great!

Stylepilot carries brands that T wears like Gap and Topman. So that's a plus for him.

Before T, I didn't care much about men's fashion. But now, when T goes shopping, I pick out stuff for him to try and wear like this outfit: hat and shirt from Red Herring, golf shorts from Nike, and aviators from Rayban.

I'll probably be more interested in it now with Stylepilot! T is wearing a short sleeved polo shirt from Ripcurl, pants from Forever 21, and aviators from Rayban.

Later I'll check out their Outfit Builder, a program that suggests outfits based on the occasion and clothes that the user owns. Pretty cool huh?


  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing. I will use it too to help my hunny. By the way, aliw ha, game siya mag-pose for your blog!

  2. hay naku,if I can only get him to wear suits... ayaw niya kasi eh... haha!

    (saw your blog on femalenetwork... ^^)

  3. All men have a style that's intrinsically their own, and this flair for fashion has many admirers. At once sleek and comfortable,the man maintains a look that speaks of quality without being vain or overdone and this style engine contains the stuff that all men likes to wear in every occossion.


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