Seven (7) Corners International Buffet.

The UAAP season is almost over and I haven't published this post yet! Before the 1st Lasalle-Ateneo game, T and I had lunch at 7 Corners at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

We went through the salad and appetizer sections quickly.

After, T and I moved to the Japanese section. I got miso soup while T got makis.

Then we stopped at this station.. Shrimp and lobsters!

T and I kept getting lobster after lobster!

I think we finished 30 lobsters!

I was so engrossed with the lobsters that I didn't go to the other sections anymore. That was, until T told me about the lechon (suckling pig).

They torch the pig first before serving it to make the skin really, really crunchy. Perfection.

It was only after we had enough lobster and lechon that I went around the buffet area.

7 Corners is an international buffet so there are various food selections originating from different countries.

Near where we were seated are the pizza, cheese, pasta, and bread sections.

There's also a real brick oven!

After a few dish picks here and there, T and I were ready to move on to the dessert area.

There are a lot choices from cakes to other sweet creations.

T and I tried everything on this dessert wall.

They also have ice cream teppanyaki. My favorite!

This is where they make the ice cream teppanyakis.

I had mine with choco chips, marshmallows, and nuts.

After that sumptuous lunch, T and I were ready for the Ateneo-Lasalle game!

Thumbs Up!
Unlimited lobsters and lechon for P1,500/$40... Need I say more?

Thumbs Down!
The buffet selection is not that big compared to other hotel buffets.

T and I want to go back here again for the lobsters and lechon!

7 Corners Buffet
Dining Date: 28 July 2012

Crowne Plaza Galleria
Ortigas Avenue cor ADB Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines

Tel No.: (632) 633-7222


  1. oh my god! sarap naman niyan! Wish I was there! :)

  2. the lechon makes me go gaga! sulit na yung 1500 tas may prawns pa ...

  3. I have never been to a buffet that serves lobster! OMG, I would stuff myself at that stop alone! MMMMmmmm!

  4. Market Cafe at Hyatt also serves fresh Lobsters, they'll only cook it once you get it from the sea foods section. :)

  5. MIKHAIL. Thanks for the suggestion! I want to try Hyatt soon :)


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