Sebastian's Ice Cream.

Craving for something sweet, we went to Sebastian's in Mall of Asia.

It was such a challenge since, like I mentioned in previous posts, I'm trying to go sugar-free.

I first wrote about Sebastian's when they released Fro-ya which is Yakult ice cream (read my blog post on Froya).

Since then, Sebastian's has been known to come up with the most unique flavors! One of their newest ones is Green Mango & Bagoong. Yes, you read it right.. Bagoong (fermented fish)!

Curious, I asked the staff if I could have a taste. It was actually good! Like eating frozen mangoes with sweet bagoong. I'm actually on my third scoop while writing this post.

My colleague Camille got a scoop of Maple Bacon Pancakes.

"It's like breakfast in a cup!", she said.

Another unique flavor is Once In A Blue Moon which is blue cheese ice cream. I love bleu cheese so I'll try this next time.

Another product that caught my eye is the Red Velvet Chilly Burger.

It was also really good (Thank you Marco!) Cream cheese ice cream, red velvet chocolate chip cookies and chunks? Yum. My sugar-free diet definitely went on a break this week.

We also got the Battle Royale (P850/$22).

Thumbs Up!
Unique flavors you won't see in other ice cream parlors.
Availability of sugar-free ice cream (yay!)

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really except that I hope they get a bigger spot :)

Will definitely come back!!

Sebastian's Ice Cream
Dining Date: 13 Sept 2012

2nd floor
Mall of Asia
Pasay City

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  1. The problem I have when eating at Sebastian's is trying to choose a flavor. I'd want to try a lot of flavors at once. Problem is, there are only so much I can have in a sitting. =)


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