Coron (part 4): Atwayan Beach, Twin Lagoon & Kayangan Lake.

This is the last installment of our Coron Trip. If you haven't read the other posts, I suggest you start from the beginning. The links are at the end of this post. Just click "Read More" :)

Day 2

From Malcapuya Island, we traveled back towards the Coron mainland to see the other tourist spots in the area -- Atwayan Beach and Coral Garden, the Twin Lagoon, and Kayangan Lake.

As the water was turning green, I knew we were nearing our first stop.

Atwayan Beach and Coral Garden

Atwayan Beach is just one of the many coves in Coron featuring a white sandy beach.

Tourists usually stop by Atwayan Beach for lunch.

But since T and I already had lunch in Malcapuya Island, we just went snorkeling.

The waterproof case I got for my iPhone proved to be very useful during this leg of our trip. I got it from AppleWerkz Westgate Alabang.

There are already different kinds of fish even at the shallow part of the beach.

We moved to the deeper part called "The Coral Garden".

There are more species of fish in this area. Too bad we didn't bring bread for the feeding.

In an even deeper area are bigger schools of fish. Next time, I want to dive!

We could've gone to another tourist spot but I wanted T to enjoy the beach so we stayed.

Twin Lagoon

The first time I went here in 2006, the place was not tourist-y at all. There were no signs, no stairs, no nothing. To the point that I asked our guide, "What are we doing here?" since we were surrounded with nothing but rock formations. He pointed to a small opening and told me we had to swim towards that and then under to get to our next destination.

I took this photo in 2006.

We had to 'park' the boat far away and swim the whole way. But nothing prepared me for what lay behind those stone walls. Among all the places I've been to, the Twin Lagoon is one of those that left me in awe. If I had to describe it in one word, it would be 'serenity'.

But since then, tourism boomed in the area and there are now signs everywhere. And instead of swimming towards the stonewalls and under the tunnel-like entrance (like in 2006), there are now man-made bridges and stairs. T and I climbed the pathway and jumped into the water instead of swimming through the opening.

The Twin Lagoon was not as solitary as it was before but still as breathtaking as ever.

T and I went snorkeling. Our guide led us to the nice spots and then he captured this funny moment. I think T and I were trying to prepare ourselves for a nice photo op but the current dragged us around in circles.

Lake Kayangan

Our next destination was Lake Kayangan.

Here is our guide telling us about the sacred places which are off-limits to tourists and visitors.

We had to climb over a mountain to get to Lake Kayangan. But despite the challenging trail, everything became worth it when we saw this view. This photo was taken by my iPhone, no editing involved. The view was really that majestic! Heaven on earth.

T and I went snorkeling around the lake. The rock formations we saw underwater looked like something from the planet of the decepticons in Transformers.

Our guide led us to the caves. I'm glad T was game for this!

Our guide gave us time to wander around the lake.

T's famous pose. He does this wherever we go!

While wading about, I heard screaming and screeching. I asked our guide what that sound was. He told me there are a lot of monkeys around and I spotted two of them!

I could look at this forever.

There are a lot of fish related to the barracudas in the lake but they're harmless.. I think.

Our resort gave us suman (sticky rice) and soda to snack on on the way back.

We were supposed to go to town for dinner but T was too tired so I just ate at the resort. This is what I ate.. Grilled prawns.

This trip is so different from our usual luxury vacations but definitely one of the most memorable. T and I were deadtired at the end of each and every day but looking back, the beauty of Coron made everything worth our while. We will definitely be back to this paradise!

The End.


  1. The colors of Coron are just beautiful, noh? You can never get tired of it :) And it looks like you and Timmy had so much fun!

  2. Oh my gosh, I miss Coron! I am actually afraid of the outer lagoon, it's too deep and the water is so dark, it's scary. But I really enjoyed the inner lagoon. Did you also experience the varying water temperatures? =)

  3. Were all your undersea shots taken using the iphone? It looks good a. =)

  4. I've been to El Nido and Puerto Princesa, but never to Coron. I'm not much of a "swimming with the fishies" kind of person. Actually, having fish swim around me kind of freaks me out hahaha. And I'm not that adventurous, so I'm kind of worried that whoever I'll go with will get bored and/or upset with me. Haha. And that is why I've never been to Coron. Should I go? :)

  5. KORYN. We really did! I hope we can go back here next time together and dive! ;)

    SWEXIE. Yes! You're right! I forgot to mention that!

    TIN. Yup! Almost all of my photos were taken by my iPhone. My underwater camera got stolen :(

    MRS P CUYUGAN. Hmm.. You might be better off with other "laidback" vacations. Coron is definitely for the outdoor-sy and adventurous. But there are luxury resorts off the mainland. You might want to try staying there kaya lang sayang the Coron experience!

  6. I love love coron! Been there for three times and I'll still definitely go back again! Happy to know you had fun at coron!


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