Bellini Champagne Bar & Anzani Mediterranean Restaurant.

Recently, my iPad has been acting up and I discovered the culprit --- tons of photos and videos eating up my storage space. I don't delete because I want to blog about the places I've been to and the restaurants I've dined at but more often than not, I tend to forget about the photos because of my schedule. So, starting today, I'll start blogging about these places bit by bit so I can give my iPad some breathing room.

Let's start with this restaurant I went to in 2011 called Bellini.

Bellini is a champagne bar located beside Anzani Mediterranean Cuisine, a high-end restaurant in Cebu named by Philippine Tatler as the best restaurant in the Philippines in 2011. Both places are owned Marco Anzani.

At the onset, even before tasting the food, I loved Bellini's because of the ambiance it offers.

Just when I was expecting the place to be pretty only during the day, it magically transformed when the sun went down.

A nice romantic spot for a date. Too bad T wasn't with me when I went here.

This is the Anzani Mediterranean Restaurant.

I love the wine cellar located below the main dining area.

We chose to stay outside though, with light coming only from the moon and jar lamps scattered around the place.

After giving our orders, our server gave us each a piece of bread served in a small palayok (native pot).

He also gave us oils and dips for it.

For our pizza, we got the Shaves of Parma Ham Flatbread (P420/$16) with prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and fresh aragula leaves.

I'm not a 100% certain but I believe I ordered Linguine Carbonara (P295) with a creamy mixture of eggs, fried bacon and Parmesan cheese finished with a dash of cream.

Both the pizza and pasta are to die for. Yum!

Thumbs Up!
Good food
Great ambiance

Thumbs Down!
Hard to go to, not in the main city

Will definitely go back here with T!

Bellini Champagne Bar &
Anzani Mediterranean Restaurant

Dining Date: January 2011

Panorama Heights, Nivel Hills,
Lahug, Cebu City

Tel No.: (6332) 232-7375 and (6332) 236-0097

Email: and
Official Website


  1. gusto ko yung view ..yung tipong habang kumakaen ka .. sarap magdate dyan

  2. As you said, all the spots are really very romantic, you could have gone with your boyfriend. Especially the champagne bar looks great.

  3. Love the view! Did you try any champagne?

  4. the place looks very pretty. and i'd love to try the mediterranean food. reminds me so much of Greece!

  5. I love dipping the freshly baked warm bread (in a native claypot) sa tomato dip! I loove Anzani! I love Bellini! I wished i had my pic taken at the wine cellar!

    Love your date places sis! :-)

  6. Gorgeous pics, looks like a great place! x

  7. Gorgeous pics, looks like a great place! x

  8. Beautiful restaurant and cool place, very relaxing. Because I am a nature lover I love that views, I can say that restaurant is an interesting one and I am thinking now to travel on that place for some refreshment.


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