Apartment 1B and Everything Rockwell.

My friends and I used to eat at Apartment 1B in Salcedo Village often. More so when I started reviewing for the bar since we studied at Starbucks Valero just across the street from the restaurant.

And now, Apartment 1B opened another branch in One Rockwell!

There are rocking chairs in front of Apartment 1B reserved for the elderly. I've seen this in Rockwell's Powerplant Mall and I think this is a really good project. Nice to see that they also have chairs in this area.

T and I thought that since we arrived after the breakfast rush (it was nearing lunch), there wouldn't be too much people but Apartment 1B was still packed!

Luckily, the server told us there was a vacant table upstairs.

The second floor was quite busy as well. Good thing there was one table left for me and T.

I noticed a really nice spot for group or family brunches. I had to wait before the family occupying it left before taking this photo.

Of course, I have to have my coffee in the morning. One cappuccino for me, please.

T got a glass of fresh OJ and a latte.

Just viewing Apartment 1B's menu made me hungry! I got the Egg Breakfast (P390/$9) --- two eggs cooked any style (I had mine poached), home fries and a choice of Canadian ham, smoked bacon, sausage links, or corned beef hash (I chose bacon, of course!).

T had the Apartment 1B Big Breakfast (P580/$13) --- two eggs cooked any style (he also had them poached), with bacon, sausage and Canadian ham. The difference between my breakfast and T's is that I had to choose the side while he gets to have everything! Wow!

I know I said I'm not a breakfast person but I think I have to qualify that statement.. I love breakfast on sunny Sunday mornings! We walked around One Rockwell and saw these kitties by Starbucks.

After eating, I checked my weather app to see if it's a good day to swim. I wish someone would make a website dedicated to Philippine weather like those other sites that focus on specific countries like Spanish weather and has up to 14 day forecasts! That'll be really good for planning spur-of-the-moment trips especially since the weather has been crazy lately. I know we have PAGASA's website but it's so not accurate. Well, I guess I'll have to stick with my iPhone for now.

Fortunately, the app I used got the weather right.. It was bit cloudy when we got to the pool area but the sun popped out when T and I went into the water.

T needs to get some sun. Too white!

Like I said in my Coron post, he does this pose all the time.

I tried to do laps.  Take note, tried :)

After swimming, T went to sleep...

..while I read a book.

When T left to go to his basketball game, I baked some sugar-free treats for myself.  For those not following me on Twitter, I have recently undergone a "lifestyle change" by cutting on sweets.  This is a very big challenge for me because I have the worst sweet tooth.. Like, I eat chocolates for breakfast every day!

It was a really great Sunday. We definitely need weekends like this to recharge ourselves for the week ahead.   Happy Thursday everyone!

Thumbs Up!
Great service.
Good food.
Nice location.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

T and I will probably eat here often

Apartment 1B
Dining Date: 9 Sept 2012
E-101 G/F One Rockwell East Tower, Amorsolo Drive
Rockwell Center
Makati City
Tel No.: (632) 869-3530

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