The New Metro Gaisano Alabang.

Some of you might think that this isn't really something blog-worthy but like I said in a previous post, I'm amazed at how Alabang Town Center has expanded. And now, there's even another mall connected to it. Curious, T and I went inside to take a look.

Even if the stuff found inside are sold in other stores in Alabang Town Center or Festival Mall, I spent more than P1,000/$20 on Goodie clips, ponytails and a few bracelets. The cashier gave me this coupon for my purchase.

After breezing through the department store, we went to see the Metro Supermarket on the ground floor.

It's not so crowded yet since the supermarket's new. But I bet next week, it'll be full of people!

There's also a Pharmacy. That's me buying my medicine (still sick!).

There's also a small food court opposite the Pharmacy. Most of the stores are still closed though.

Finally, a nearer Buffalo Wings N Things. T and I used to brave the horrible traffic of Alabang-Zapote Rd just to eat here.

Other stores include Serenitea, Tutti Frutti, and Gonuts Donuts.

Beside the pharmacy is a Starbucks. There are already 4 branches around the immediate Alabang area! Well, I guess you can't have too many Starbucks branches.

So since I'm sick, this is how T and I spent the long weekend --- either hanging out at home or exploring the mall (when I feel a bit better and can go out). How about you, how did you spend your weekend? :)


  1. I'm really curious at how ATC has expanded. It wasn't really one of my fave malls before since I think it's just too small and limited. Will have to visit there in December. =)

  2. cool. i wish they improve the one in market2 too :)

  3. Sadly I'll be finishing up my weekend by working, which is on the same level as being sick for the weekend! Get well soon!

  4. There will also be a DFA branch at the top-most floor of Metro Gaisano. Yay for easier passport renewal!

  5. Get well soon!!! And let's go grab that coffee or whatever soon! I miss you! <3

  6. I was there yesterday :) Mas near nato samin kesa sa makati sup.


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