McDonald's Twister Fries.

Starting this week, I promised myself that I will try to refrain from fastfood. I also made a mental note to myself not to post an entry unless it's the last installment of my Coron trip (read my blog entries on Coron). But...

"Prioritize Twister Fries!"

If you're on Twitter, your timeline was probably filled with tweets like that today. But I'm not jumping on any bandwagon.. I really do love Twister Fries! I usually look forward to Disney movies because that's when it's usually offered. But for some reason (I'm not complaining), McDonald's is randomly offering their Twister Fries again.

What a nice way to end a looong day! I guess I'll have to swear off fastfood starting next week, when I've had my fill of my favorite fries. Well, like I always say.. 'Every diet starts tomorrow!" Right? :)


  1. I have never seen or heard of these but their fries are my most favorite food and if they're anything like the fries I would weigh 300 lbs...mmmmm...

  2. Twister Fries trumps diet! All the time! Haha.

  3. I miss eating twister fries..I guess I should go outside and buy one today.haha :))


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