Dessert at Le Petit Cheri.

We were supposed to go Tagaytay but decided against it because of the weather. So T just asked me out to dinner at the new Omakase in Molito Alabang while I suggested dessert at this place which I've always wanted to try since it opened --- Le Petit Cheri.

Even before we went in, a server already welcomed us.

The air was filled with scents of baked bread and pastries. The place smelled so good!

There's also a crepe maker at the side. Instantly, I knew what I was going to have for dessert.

I wanted to buy some of their stuff but the server said none of them are for sale :(

Even the trunks are so cute!

Despite available tables at the ground floor, the server led us upstairs.

Then we saw why.

The second floor was book heaven!

They had everything from travel books... beauty, fashion, and children's books.

They have The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series as well as The Hunger Games trilogy.

One of the books I wanted to borrow and bring home was the "501 Must-Read Books". Never knew that Hitchcock's Psycho was based on a book until I read about it here.

There are even more books on the other side but I refrained from taking more photos because I might disturb the people who were seated in that area.

Le Petit Cheri has two types of tables. One seems fit for get-togethers and dates, the other for meetings and study sessions.

The cute paintings on the wall add more to the already nice ambiance.

Now it's time to see their menu.

Like I said, T and I already had dinner in Omakase so we skipped right to dessert.

Our server gave us some best sellers from their menu but T and I just decided on our favorites. Don't you just love their uniforms. What can be more French than stripes and a beret?

While waiting, I read the Zombie Survival Guide. I have this on my Kindle (even before The Walking Dead phenomenon) but I wanted to see if the drawings were much better on print.

Not long after, our drinks arrived. T had the Signature Hot Chocolate.

I had the Cafe Mocha. The cookies that came with our drinks were yummy. Not too sweet and just right.

T ordered the Creme Brulee which he gave a two thumbs up.

"One of France's famous desserts made of a rich vanilla custard baked in a ceramic ramekin. Right before serving, the custard is sprinkled with sugar that is torched to form a crisp golden brown shell."

For the Dessert Crepe (P150/$4), our server told me that they have chocolate, banana, mango, and strawberry.

"From the cultural region of Bretagne in north France comes this thin dessert pancake which can be filled with your choice of fruits, and topped with your choice of syrups, ice cream and whipped cream."

Despite the description that I can choose the fruit and the syrup, the server told me they can't allow mango and chocolate, so I just got plain chocolate.

After finishing his Creme Brulee, T ordered Mousse au Chocolat (P115).

"Layers of dark and white chocolate mousses, all set on a chocolate cookie crust, and topped with velvety chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings. A chocoholic's absolute dream!"

And dream it was! T said it was really good.

The place started filling up after 8pm but T and I stayed there reading, talking, and surfing the net (yes, they have wifi!). Happiness :)

Bonne nuit!

Thumbs Up!
Classy ambiance.
Big space.
Well lit place.
The library upstairs!!!
Free wi-fi.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really except that the second floor shakes whenever people walk by.

Can't wait to go back to try their food!

Le Petit Cheri
Dining Date: 4 Aug 2012

Molito Lifestyle Building
Molito Commercial Complex Alabang
Muntinlupa City

Just opposite the Soderno Food Fair
(read my driving directions to Soderno)

*Part of the "Where to eat in Molito?" series.


  1. Wow! Very nice. I guess they encourage the people to stay longer. I like a place like that provided it's not always crowded like Starbucks. Heheh! =)

  2. Wow ganda! I wish may parang ganyan din dito in San Diego!!

  3. Joei! We were just there the day before - Saturday! With Laz pa, sayang! We especially enjoyed the books rin! Kaloka,nagbabad talaga kami!

  4. Hi Joei,
    Love your blog. I especially enjoyed this entry and the travel posts. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog roll.


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