Coron (part 3): Malcapuya Island.

If you haven't read my first 3 blog entries about Coron, scroll to the end. The links are all there so you can start from Day 1 :)

Day 2
23 July 2012

T and I had a whole journey ahead of us so even if I'm not a breakfast person, I knew I had to eat before leaving the resort (read my blog entry on Sunz En Coron Resort). I ordered the American Breakfast (P230/$6) consisting of toasted bread, eggs, bacon or ham, fruit, and coffee.

If it were any other normal day, I'd just have coffee.

I like their sugar and creamer containers. Cute.

T had an Omelette..

..with an extra side of bacon.

They also gave us jam for our bread.

After breakfast, our tour guide led us to the tricycle that will take us to the port.

The port is beside the Coron public market. If you're planning to "do-it-yourself" an island hopping tour, this is the place to go to. You can find boats to rent for a whole day.

After our guide loaded our stuff on our boat, we were off. It was such a beautiful day! T and I were lucky because just the week before, there was a storm that hit Coron.

It was the summer season the last time I was in Coron but even so, the waves were scary. Now, the water was surprisingly calm. You'd think we were traversing a lake and not open sea. Our boatmen explained that the ocean only becomes like this right after and right before a storm. Hence, they knew there was another storm coming their way soon.

After 40 minutes, we arrived at Malcapuya Island, which is still as pretty as I remember it to be.

During my last visit 6 years ago, I went to different islands but this one remains to be my favorite. I can forego not seeing the other islands on my second visit, but not Malcapuya. And I want T to see it as well.

My travel buddy Stitch. You'll be seeing more of him in my next travel posts. Like I said.. Where I go, he goes :)

There are now a number of hammocks and tents on the island. Before, there was nothing but a large tree with a bench incorporated in it, which is still there, by the way.

T saw a basketball ring so I left him there to play with the caretakers of the island while I went for a swim.
Basketball never stops!

Malcapuya is one of those rare islands where the sand doesn't heat up. I could walk barefoot even when the sun was shining the brightest at noon.

While wading in the crystal green water, one line from a song comes to mind:
"If I believe in paradise, I swear I must be there."

I was having 20 glorious minutes of serenity when the T-Rex came along, interrupting my solo moment, and splashed water all around.

We listened to songs from my iPhone and just stayed there until our guide called us for lunch.
Now playing: "Lucky I'm in love with my bestfriend..."

For lunch, we had grilled fish, chicken and chops.

Crabs! Perfect beach spread.

Our picnic was so complete. We even had onions and soy sauce for our sawsawan (dip).

There's fresh buko available on the island for P40/$1.

After lunch, the caretaker of the island offered to take us to the spot of the giant clams with his boat.

But we decided that we just wanted to enjoy the island. T went around while I read Paulo Coelho's 'Warrior of Light' until our tour guide told us that we had to go to our next destination.

to be continued....


  1. this is my favorite island,too! This, and the Manlawi sandbar in Caramoan are my ultimate faves.

  2. Nice photos! I think I'd like to have my honeymoon in Coron!

  3. waaaaaaaaaaah kainggit ... summer na summer dyan ha :)

  4. that looks delish! cute blog :)


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