Swensen's Ice Cream & Sundaes.

As much as I want to eat that slice of cheesecake in our freezer right now, I can't because of my sore throat. So to satisfy my cravings (and hopefully yours, too!), here's a short dessert entry. Ironically, I also had a sore throat when we went to this place.

After the La Salle vs Ateneo game almost a month ago at the Mall of Asia Arena (read my entry on the new MOA Arena), I had dessert with T and some friends at Swensen's Ice Cream & Sundaes.

"The first Swensen's Ice Cream Store opened at the corner of Union & Hyde in San Francisco in 1948, and a new American Icon was born. Founder Earle Swensen knew he could succeed if he gave his customers three things: quality, quantity, and value for their money. His recipes called for using only the finest ingredients and exacting ice cream making techniques. By good old fashioned trial and error, Earle Swensen developed a perfect blend to ensure that Swensen's customers would get the maximum taste from each and every flavor."

As soon as we entered Swensen's, sweet scents filled our noses. Even the smell of the store is yummy!

The walls of Swensen's are filled with photos of different sundaes.

And if the scent and wall decors aren't enough to make you crave for something sweet, check out their menu.

Beautiful sundaes, indeed!

Everything looks so good! If my throat weren't scratchy, I probably would've ordered something from this page.

I wasn't allowed to eat anything sweet AT ALL but I couldn't let this pass and ordered something from the kids menu instead.

During our next visit, when my throat is well enough, I'll convince T to get The Chocolate Earthquake.

If T weren't that full from lunch and dinner, he probably would've ordered a milkshake to go with his sundae.

These Basket Sundaes look so good.

If I also weren't that full, I would've ordered a cup of coffee.

For the not-so-hungry, there are different types of ice cream available at a per scoop basis.

I wasn't able to ask what the story behind this is but there's a rose on every table.

I love their water glass. Unfortunately, they didn't have ice that day so we had to make do with lukewarm water.

This is our friend's Sticky Chewy Choc Fantasy (P225/$5).

Coincidentally, she was seated beside a large photo of it.

T got the Hot Fudge Bonus (P140/$3.50)

Another friend got the Stick-A-Choc.

And here are my Mr. Sans' Babies (P135/$3). This photo got an honorary mention from Ink361 for best food photo a while back :)

Time to eat!

Thumbs Up!
Good ice cream selection.
Even smell of store is yummy.
Cute wall designs.

Thumbs Down!
No cold drinking water.

I won't go to Mall of Asia just to eat here but I'll probably drop by if I'm in the area.

Swensen's Ice Cream
Dining Date: 28 July 2012

Mall of Asia
Pasay City

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  1. We frequent Swensen's here in SG even before we had one in PH. But silly me, I never tried their ice cream creations. We'd just eat their meals.

    However, had tried it just recently and now I know why the people keep on raving about them. It's delicious! =)


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