Hapadog in Alabang Town Center.

Another new establishment opens in Alabang Town Center's new wing.. Hapadog! (Read my post on Alabang Town Center's expansion)

Hapadog serves original Japanese-style hotdogs.  Think American hotdog in a bun meets Japanese makimonos.  T and I found it interesting so we stopped by to try it.


adj. 1. Slang. of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in asian and/ or pacific islander ancestry.

n. 2. Slang. a person of such ancestry. {der./hawaiian: hapa haole. (half white) }

We got 2 kinds of hotdog and split it into two.  I chose the Hapadog (P175/$4.50) with caramelized onions, Japanese or wasabi mayo, hapa sauce, nori flakes and spring onions. Half a hapa is available for P90/$2.50.

T got the Californippon (P175/$4.50) with avocado/mango, cucumber, tamago, kani, ebiko, Japanese or wasabi mayo, nori flakes. Half a hapa is also available for P90/$2.50.

We also got Furaidopoteto (P65/$1.50) which was fries with dip.

We asked for extra dip and charged us P10.

For my drink, I got the the Lychee Iced Tea (P85/$2.50)

Thumbs Up!
Unique concept! 
You won't feel out of place even if you eat alone. 
Servers are really friendly.

Thumbs Down!
Both T and I had upset stomachs after eating here.
Servers don't know their own food (there were hotdogs being flashed on the wall but when we asked, they didn't know what they were so we just picked from the menu).
Dining space is too small.
I don't like paying extra for dip if the first serving they gave us is too small.

I'd probably go again if I get tired of the usual hotdog in a bun.  But it's not something I'd crave for everyday.

Dining Date: 25 March 2012

Ground Floor, New Wing
Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City

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  1. I've read about this place! I always remember it as the expensive Japanese hotdog. Hehehe! =)


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