Coron (part 2): The Town Tour.

Day 1

After eating, T and I did the Coron Town Tour. Our itinerary: Mount Tapyas, Nanay Lita's Cashew Place, and Maquinit Hot Springs.

Mount Tapyas

I must have been crazy to climb Mount Tapyas with a healing ankle (and in a dress!) but I really wanted T to see the view of the whole island from up there. But to reach the top, we had to climb 800+ steps!

Tip: Buy water from the vendors at the entrance before climbing. You'll need it, believe me. I'm not a water drinker but I felt the need to drink every so often.

There's a marker every 100 steps up Mt Tapyas. T took a photo of me at each one. You'll see my energy dropping as we reach 800.

100 - Super energized and hyper to reach the top!

200 - If you're wondering what that little blue thing is, that's my other travel buddy, Stitch (there's actually 2 of them).

300 - Energy still up! Chatting endlessly with our tour guide about Coron, I didn't notice we passed the marker. Good job T for capturing it!

400 - Already feeling a bit tired.

If you feel like your leg is cramping up, rest for a minute and enjoy the view! There are rest areas so take your time. You don't want to collapse before reaching your destination.

500 - Still tired. We didn't rest for that long because our guide wanted us to get to the top before sunset.

600 - The sun was going down fast. We had to hurry!

700 - Almost there!

So near and yet so far!

After 800+ steps, we're finally at the top of Mount Tapyas!

Still can't believe I climbed all of these steps with an ankle still healing from a sprain.

My photographer, thanks T!

This is what T captured. The view was breathtaking.

Remember those thorn balls that used to stick to our socks when we were little? There were some of these weeds on the mountain.

While we were at the top, our very reliable and knowledgeable tour guide shared with us facts about Coron.

I love this photo he took of us.

This is me in 2006.

I did almost the same pose in 2012!

Oh and obviously, we had to do the 800+ steps again, this time downhill. I asked our guide if there was a way I could just roll down the mountain instead of taking the steps. He laughed. But I wasn't joking. Augh. All for the love of travel.

Nanay Lita's Cashew Factory aka Coron Harvest

After Mount Tapyas, we stopped by the Cashew Factory in Coron Town and met the famous Nanay Lita. Behind her are pictures of famous people who visited her shop. The one that caught my eye was her photo with Kris Aquino. Love, love, love her :)

Nanay Lita was very accommodating and gave us samples of the differrent cashew varieties. The samples were in small, separate bags so I knew they were clean.

The store is filled with garlic, candied, plain cashews all contained in tubs such as this.

But my favorite is the plain roasted cashews. The biggest bag is P370/$8.50, which is pretty cheap since cashew packs in groceries like S&R cost around P900$25 each.

We got a few of bags for ourselves and a couple of other varieties to bring home to our family. Looking back, we wish we bought more!

Mt Maquinit Hot Springs

Usually the Coron Town Tour includes a stop to the souvenir shops but since it was getting dark and our legs were cramping from all the climbing and walking, we just wanted to go to Maquinit Hot Springs instead.
The hot springs has an entrance fee but this was include in our package so I don't know how much it is.

Our resort provided us with snacks (pancit and bread plus money for soda) so we ate first at the huts and shared our food with the stray cats.

I was too tired to take photos and it was getting dark already so here's the only good snapshot I got of the hot springs. Maquinit isn't like any other hot springs because its water is salty. It's the only saltwater hot springs in the Philippines, perhaps even in Asia!

When T and I got back to our room, we were so tired that we just ate the cashews we bought from Manang Lita and called it a night. Tomorrow, another adventure awaits.

to be continued....

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  1. Ngi! 800 steps? I could just imagine how tired you both were. =(


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