Coron (part 1): Sunz En Coron Resort.

Day 1
22 June 2012

How To Get There

Manila to Busuanga

Coron town is in Busuanga Island, and not Coron Island. Our tour guide explained that the town transferred from Coron Island to Busuanga Island, but retained its name. Hence, the confusion.

There are 2 ways to get to Busuanga.

1. By air
Air Philippines
Cebu Pacific
Zest Air

2. By sea
Super Ferry
Negros Navigation

Air travel is at least P8,000/$25 per person. Taking the sea route is cheaper at only P1,500/$3 per person (and that's for a suite already!) but will consume 12 hours of travel time.

Obviously, T and I chose to fly.

Wondering about the sign below? Well, I mixed up our time of departure in Manila with our arrival time in Busuanga. Thank heavens we got there 5 minutes before the counter closed!

A lot has improved since I've been here 6 years ago. For one, the airport looks more like a real airport now. Before, it just looked liked someone's house.

The runway used to be only a dirt road in 2006.

But now, everything is cement and concrete.

Even the inside of the airport has vastly improved!

Busuanga Airport to Coron Town

The airport is around 40 minutes away from town. To avoid any unnecessary vacation stress, just ask your resort/inn to arrange airport transfers for you. It's around P250/person per way, whether you get a van from the airport or from the resort.


Coron used to be a backpacker's paradise. There were no luxury resorts, just inns offering simple bed and board. But with the advent of tourism in the area, resorts catering to the tourists, and not just backpackers, have mushroomed. One of these resorts is Sunz En Coron.

Sunz En Coron is owned by a Korean. I know this because I exchanged emails with her for our booking. The resort offers different tour packages but since we didn't have much time, I asked if I can tweak our itinerary so we could visit the places I thought were best, and offered to pay the highest amount among their tour packages. The owner was accommodating and agreed to my request.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by the acting manager (the owner was in Korea at that time) and were given our welcome drinks. He, too, was very friendly and accommodating. I told him that the driver of the van who picked us up from the airport charged us even if airport transfers are supposed to be included in the package I paid for. He graciously offered to refund us the amount upon check out. No questions asked.

T said the place looked like a Smurf Village because of the cute nipa huts all over the resort :). It's good that they have lots so everyone will have a place to stay when not in their rooms.

Since the resort isn't a beachfront resort (none of the resorts in the mainland are), I chose Sunz En Coron because it has a pool.

We got the room by it so we'd have access to the chairs outside.

Look for Stitch!

This is the room. Simple but cute.

I just didn't like how the bathroom was cramped.

Before heading out, T and I had lunch at the resort. Here I am wearing my Firmoo glasses (remember the sunglasses I gave out for my giveaway?)

The package I got includes accommodation, tours, airport transfers, as well as full board meals. However, instead of a set meal, we were allowed to choose from the menu and the manager just gave us a reasonable maximum amount per person. Any amount beyond that, we have to pay for.

For our starters, we got the Spring Rolls.

For his main, T got Pork Adobo and an extra order of rice. The serving looks so small in the photo but it's not. T wasn't able to finish this!

Since the owner was Korean, I decided to order from their Korean menu and got the Bulgogi. Again, the serving size looks small but it's more than enough for one person.

When we got back from our day tour (will write about this in a separate post), a beautiful sight greeted us. Apparently, the pool lights up, making the place even more picturesque at night.

After a tiring day, we were relieved to see that they tidied up while we were gone.

Thumbs Up!
The owner is very accommodating and prompt in her replies.
The acting manager is likewise accommodating and very friendly.
Beautiful resort set-up.
Room is always clean (good housekeeping service!) every time we get back.
Good food esp the Korean and seafood dishes.
Meals during tours are complete. We even have snacks and drinks! Double thumbs up!

Thumbs Down!
Cramped bathroom.
The small colorful pillows on the bed are cute but they kind of smell.
Stiff and starchy sheets.
Pool water is a bit dirty according to T.

Yes, I'd recommend it to family and friends.

continue to part 2....

Sunz En Coron Resort

Coron, Palawan

Mobile No.: +63915 901-2642 | +63906 206-0048


  1. The runway wasn't cemented before? Gosh! I can only imagine how tubulent the ride was!

    I'm not much surprised that hotels sprouted after Coron gained traction as a tourist destination. It really is such a beautiful place. Hope tourism doesn't wreak it's natural wonders. =(

  2. The pool looks very beautiful at night.


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