Bellarocca (part 2): A Luxurious Getaway.

Because it's been raining non-stop, I need to spread a little bit of sunshine through my blog. Exactly a year ago, T and I stayed at Bellarocca Island Resort. I wasn't able to publish my blog entries on this though because my laptop, which had all of our vacation pictures, crashed. Luckily, I discovered that I uploaded some of our photos in cyberspace. So now I'll try to use whatever's there to share with you our Bellarocca experience :)

Day 1
7 July 2011

T and I went to Bellaroca Island Resort which is situated on an island off mainland Marinduque. It's known as the Santorini of the Philippines because of its Greek-inspired architecture.

How To Get There

  • Flight (40 minutes)

  • At that time, the only airline carrier with flights to Marinduque is Zest Air. Roundtrip fares average from P8,000-10,000 ($200-250). In an all-luxury mode? Bellarocca arranges private helicopters and chartered flights.

    Zest Air boarded us on time but because of heavy air traffic, we had to wait a bit before we took off. To pass time, we took photos of ourselves goofing around.

  • Land Travel (40 minutes)

  • As soon as we landed, 2 staff members from Bellarocca were there to greet us with scented cold towels and iced water. They assisted us with our luggage and led us to the van that will take us to the port area.

  • Boat Ride (5 minutes)

  • Upon arriving at the port area, we were given lifejackets to wear for our short boat ride to Bellarocca. It was pretty cool how fast they wrapped our luggages in plastic so it wouldn't get wet during the boat ride.

    We were riding against the waves but the speedboat took it really well. T and I sat at the backmost area and we didn't even get wet!

    As our speedboat approached Bellarocca's marina, women on the higher dock greeted us with flowers and native songs. The atmosphere was so festive!

    The Resort

    It was a short trip up via golf carts to the main lobby of the hotel. As soon as we arrived, we were led to the Piano Lounge where we were served our welcome drinks.

    Discovery Shores Boracay has always been our benchmark when it comes to island resorts with the best customer service. But with what they showed us, Bellarocca is becoming a close contender. We appreciated how we were welcomed by the resort manager, together with the heads of the other departments. They introduced themselves and gave us a 15-minute overview of what to do, where to go and who to contact in case we need anything. T and I were really impressed!

    The Room

    After the welcome, we were led to our room by the head of one of Bellarocca's departments. When we got to our room, our luggage was already there.

    The bathroom is similar to Shangri-La Boracay's bathroom (read my blog entry on Shangri-La Boracay).

    Both Bellarocca and Shangri-la have bathtubs at the edge of the bathroom, opposite the TV set.

    After settling down and freshening up, T and I went out to explore!

    The Pavilion

    We went to the beach area first. I wanted to kayak and do all sorts of activities but since I still had a healing ankle (sprained it while playing volleyball), T told me to just stay put.

    This is the snorkeling area. T was too tired to do anything so can't comment on the abundance of marine life over there.

    We sat by the poolside. This is where I spent the afternoon finishing the Game of Thrones.

    T and I stayed there until sunset. We had a pizza and fries for our snack but the photos are in my laptop that died. If I get it repaired, I'll update this post and upload them. In any case, both dishes were good especially the pizza.

    Can you see the rainbow?

    For dinner, we went back to the main dining area of the resort. I had the Chicken ala Kiev while T had fish. Again both were really good!

    T and I were still tired from the trip so we turned in early and called it a night. It was cute how they left a bookmark for me during turn down service. Goodnight!

    to be continued...

    The Bellarocca Series
    Trip Date: 7-9 July 2011

    Part 1 - Through T's Eyes
    Part 2 - A Luxurious Getaway
    Part 3 - The Island Tour
    Part 4 - A Romantic Dinner and The Morning After (coming soon)


    1. dream ko tlaga makapunta dyan :) hayyyyy such a very wonderful place

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    3. Wow, it really looks amazing! Must go there someday :)


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