Tanabe Japanese Restaurant.

I know I promised myself never to write about things that are too personal but yesterday was a milestone for me. The first bill I ever worked on is finally a law! Republic Act No. 10165, otherwise known as The Foster Care Act of 2012. So happy that more kids will now have families and homes :). And like what I said in a previous interview, I can finally cross off one thing from my wishlist!

To celebrate, I told T I'll be taking him out to dinner. We wanted to veer away from the usual Makati/Fort dining area so we went to a Japanese place in Malate called Tanabe.

The place quickly filled up when we got there, mostly Japanese men and women, and a couple of other foreigners. Lots of Japanese in Japanese restaurant? Good sign.

As soon as T and I entered, these guys greeted us in Japanese.

I've actually eaten in Tanabe before while I was still an associate for a law firm. One of the partners took me and my fellow associates there for lunch and we loved it!

Upon taking our orders, our server gave us appetizers --- squash and salty dilis (fish)! Both my favorite!

T got a Mango Shake while I ordered a glass of Fresh Orange Juice.

T got Shake/Salmon Sashimi (P350/$9). Too bad I can't eat fish (doctor's orders!), it looked so fresh!

I ordered Tempura Maki, which is shrimp with Japanese mayo. (P280/$8). It was hea-ven-ly. I think this is the best Tempura Maki I've tasted!

For our main, we got Ebi Tempura (P450/$15).

Tanabe didn't have Kamameshi rice so T just had the fried rice.

I, on the other hand, had a bowl of plain rice.

We also got Wagyu Sukiyaki (P2,800/$80) -- thin slices of Japanese beef, tofu, noodles and vegetables, flavored with sukiyaki sauce.

They asked us if we wanted to cook the sukiyaki ourselves. T was tempted at first, but we realized it would be a disaster if we cooked the wagyu strips wrong so we let our server do it.

The vegetable platter.

Wagyu is LOVE. T said he can't go back to eating the normal kind of beef after this (but he says that every single time we eat wagyu *wink*).

The correct way to eat sukiyaki is to have the raw eggs on the side to dip the noodles in. But T and I aren't fond of raw egg so we just asked the server to mix it in the bowl.

It was cute how the server arranged our sukiyaki bowl. So I guess in Tanabe, the servers aren't just servers, they can cook as well!

So happy I got to being T to Tanabe. They also have a branch in Mall of Asia but if you're in the area, I suggest you go to their Malate branch. Another dinner for the books. Two thumbs up!

Dining Date: 14 June 2012

553 Remedios St., Malate
Manila, Metro Manila

Tel No.: (632) 528-4688


  1. Not a big fan of Japanese but I love love love ebi tempura! and I'm kinda getting "there" with sukiyaki :D

  2. My goodness, the photos are making me drool!

  3. My my their food looks amazing!! I'm gonna have to swing by when I'm in town =) Congratulations by the way! What an awesome cause to be part of, I'm all about providing unfortunate children a loving home. Truly rewarding isn't it?

    Thanks for dropping by my blog =)


  4. Now I'm craving for salmon sashimi. I love it's taste and I don't know why. =)

  5. I've seen Tanabe both in Malate and MOA but haven't tried it yet. Your post made me crave for Japanese food! Hope I can try eating at Tanabe soon.. :) Anyway, congrats on the newly-passed law! ;)



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