New From Starbucks: Mojicha + Earl Grey Jelly.

I told myself I'd cut down on unnecessary calories and jumpstart my healthy lifestyle change again but I was too devastated with the death of Ham that I really needed a pick-me-upper the other day. Decided to pass by Starbucks to get my usual when I saw this banner by the entrance.

Since 'red beans' don't appeal to my tastebuds, I got the Hojicha + Earl Grey Jelly.. When I asked the barrista to hold the whipped cream, she told me the new drink really didn't come with it. Perfect.  Plus, Earl Grey is one of my favorite teas so I really thought it would be a hit.   Unfortunately it wasn't.

At first sip, the drink was fine. I'm a tea person as much as I am a coffee junkie (hello double personality Gemini!) so I liked the taste. But about a quarter through my Grande Hojicha, I felt like I was having too much of it!

The only upside was the scratch card they gave me for purchasing one of Starbucks' new drinks. The card said that the promo was only until June 17 but when I asked the barrista, she said they've extended it until supplies (referring to the card) lasts.

I won a free add-on but I doubt if I'll be using it since I didn't like the drink that much. Or maybe I'll just order a tall one next time. Definitely no grandes for me!

Anybody tried both drinks? What did you think of them?  

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