End Your Compromise and Win Surprises from Kotex! (CLOSED)

UPDATE (7/15): To everyone who submitted valid entries (uploaded a video as verified by Kotex), your prizes will be shipped soon. Thank you for joining and goodluck! I hope one of you gets the P20,000 grand prize. Let me know! ;)

Yesterday, we marked the 114th year of our country's independence from the Spanish rule.  Gone are the old days when women are told what they can do or what they cannot do.  

KOTEX® celebrates this milestone with us through the "End Your Compromise: The Reinvented Maria Clara Movement".  With a keen understanding of reality and what women go through, KOTEX® has worked tirelessly to ensure women regain their social lifestyles, fashion bravura, and ultimately, the confidence to express their femininity. 

Girls, what’s the boldest, most daring thing you’ve done beyond your comfort zone?

Your answers can pave the way for you to be chosen by KOTEX® in its newest promo, which shores up the brand’s battle cry for every reinvented Maria Clara who boldly stands by her passions and beliefs—even when you have a period!

Click the "Read More" link below to learn how you can win P20,000 and a lot of other prizes!


Are you afraid of heights? Well, this Maria Clara isn't! She is more than willing to explore the things beyond her comfort zone. Modern days have truly redefined the concept of the Filipino women most of us used to know. Women now belong to an era when they can proudly banner: It’s the "End of Compromise". Way to go modern Maria Claras!

“Being a reinvented modern Maria Clara doesn’t mean you lose the essence of being a Filipina. The idea is about proudly involving yourself in a lot of things—your job, day-to-day tasks, and leisurely activities for example,” said passionate blogger, music enthusiast and actress Saab Magalona, one of the newest faces of KOTEX®. “And of course, when you’re occupied, you don’t want to be bothered by troubles down there because you have to stay focused and give your best on what you’re doing.”

So ladies, if you think that compromising your passions just because it’s that time of the month is an option, then you might want to think again. With KOTEX® with Pro-Active Guards and the KOTEX® End of Compromise promo, all you have to do is to think about the things that you will never compromise, share it with the brand and have a chance to win up to P20,000!

Contest Mechanics

1. The theme of this contest is "This Maria Clara Does Not Compromise".
2. Participants must come up with a video showing her doing a unique activity that demonstrates how she embodies a reinvented Maria Clara.  You don't have to wear a baro't saya :) Just be creative!
3. The video clip should not be less than 30 seconds but not more than 1 minute long.
4. Upload the video on YouTube (www.youtube.com).  
5. Fill out the official Registration Form on the Kotex PH Facebook fan page  (you will enter the link to your YouTube video in this form).
6. Wait for two (2) email notifications from Kotex PH: (1) a confirmation that your entry was received and (2) a notice that your entry has been posted in our official FB fan page.
7. Contest is open to all Filipino women aged 16-35 years old. There is no limit as to the number of video entries an individual can submit.


1. Cut-off period for submission of entries shall be at 11:59 pm on 30 June 2012 13 July 2012.

Criteria for Judging

1. Videos will be judged based on the following:
a. Re-invented Maria Clara Factor (40%);
b. Number of Likes (30%);
c. Creative Execution and Wow Factor (20%)
d. Quality of Audio and Video (10%)


1. There will be 3 winners.  Each will receive a prize from Kotex PH:
a. First Prize: Php 20,000
b. Runner-ups: Kotex gift packs
2. The winners and the winning entries will be announced on the Kotex PH Facebook Page.

Aside from these the contest prizes...

Ten (10) lucky readers of Joei & Me will receive gifts from Kotex just for joining the contest!

After submitting your video, do the following in order to qualify for the prize:

1. Follow Joei & Me on GFC.  Click the "JOIN THIS SITE" button found on the right sidebar --->

2. Like Joei & Me on Facebook and follow @joei__ (that's 2 underscores) on Twitter.

3. Click the small FACEBOOK button found at the end of this post (Facebook "f" logo).  Tag "@Joei & Me" so I'll know that you posted this on your wall.  Don't forget to LIKE the Joei & Me Facebook page.

4. Click the small TWITTER button found at the end of this post (Twitter "t" logo).  At the end of your tweet, tag "@joei__".  Make sure you're following me so I can send you a direct message about your prize. 

5.  Leave a comment below with the following information:


Please indicate your full name (no nicknames) and the correct email address because I will be contacting you via email about your prize.

The first five (5) readers who does all of these will AUTOMATICALLY qualify for a prize.
The next five (5) readers will be chosen randomly on June 30 (the last day of submission of videos).

Goodluck modern Maria Claras! :)

KOTEX® brand is committed to helping women make informed choices every day. For decades, KOTEX® has introduced innovation after innovation as a result of our intimate understanding of women’s bodies and the lifestyles they lead. Our innovations come from our desire to not only satisfy the needs of today’s women but also to inspire them with new ways on how to protect and care for their bodies. To learn more about the new KOTEX® products, visit www.kotex.com.ph

 Please read the detailed contest mechanics on the Kotex PH Facebook fan page.