Bellarocca (part 3): The Island Tour.

Day 2
8 July 2011

I spent the early morning in our balcony finishing some blog entries. I could stay there and write endlessly, with the inspiring view of Mt. Malindig in the background.

Our family and friends told us it was raining hard in Manila but luckily, Mother Nature was nice to us during our trip to Bellarocca. There were moments when it was a bit cloudy but fortunately, no rains or thunderstorms.

Our stay comes with breakfast. But don't expect the usual buffets. They will only give you assorted bread and rolls of your choice, plus butter and jam.

For someone like me who isn't really a breakfast person (I usually look for sweets in the morning), this bread platter is more than enough.

But for T who needs his breakfast fix, an additional Omelette with Hashed Potatoes is a must.

Our itinerary for the day is to tour the island. Bellarocca suggested we do this during the first day of our stay so we'll know where to go and what to do, but since we just wanted to relax, we saved this for the next day.

Our guide first took us to the Pavilion where wedding ceremonies are usually held. Sometimes, when there are a lot of guests checked in, they also hold yoga sessions here.

Our next stop is the spa area. These steps...

...lead up to this.

I could stay here all day.

Our guide then showed us the other types of accommodation on the island. Some of them were still under construction when we were there.

I was curious about their infamous villas so our guide took us to the Zeus villa.

The Zeus villa has an infinity pool and a separate jacuzzi pool.

This is the bedroom. Zeus is a 1-bedroom villa so this type of accommodation is only good for two adults (and possibly 2 children).

There's a flat screen TV and speakers opposite the bed.

There's also a living room. But who would want to stay there with the gorgeous view outside?

The villa has its own kitchen. See the door? That leads to the maids' quarters.

Beside the kitchen is the dining area.

They say the best part is the bathroom and now I know why. Even the toilet bowl is uniquely-shaped.

Greek-inspired sink design. Staying true to the Santorini feel.

Their toiletries are complete, including a L'Occitane set.

This is the shower.

Beside the shower is the jacuzzi. Wow right. But when it comes to bathrooms, I'd still vote for Amorita Resort (read my blog entry on Amorita Resort in Bohol).

After the villa tour, we asked our guide to bring us to the beach area.

Stopped for a quick photo op.

We forgot to take a photo with the iconic chair by the beach yesterday! So I didn't let this chance pass.

This time, in another chair, with a nice view of Mt. Malindig.

After having our drinks, we went up the main building to explore. We found another spot with a nice view of Mt. Malindig.

This is the Hobby Area. I beat T in foozeball, one of my favorite games.

We also played pool, even if I really don't know how :)

Then we went to the pool area. Luckily, we had the pool all to ourselves.

This shot was taken from the other side of the pool, where we stayed.

So relaxing.

T's signature pose. He does this everywere we go :)

During this time, planking wasn't at its "overdone in the Philippines" stage.

I was trying to do a yoga-like pose but I ended up looking like I was drowning and giving everyone the bad sign.

After the pool, we went back to our room to get ready for Bellarocca's special dinner package. You really should see this!

To be continued...

The Bellarocca Series
Trip Date: 7-9 July 2011

Part 1 - Through T's Eyes
Part 2 - A Luxurious Getaway
Part 3 - The Island Tour
Part 4 - A Romantic Dinner and The Morning After (coming soon)


  1. Ohhh happyness is in the air <3
    Cute pictures,

    See you!

  2. I. Am. So. Jealous!!! Suuuper dying to go to Bellarocca, but then I remember that the trip is worth about a half-year's tuition! Maybe someday I'll finally get to visit!

  3. The place looks lovely! I like how relaxed and peaceful it is. I should add this to our list of places to visit.

    Coffee With Kim


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