The Trumps in Manila.

Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump, sons of business tycoon Donald Trump (but probably more known for "The Apprentice"), flew to Manila a few days ago for the groundbreaking ceremonies of Century Properties Inc.'s Trump Tower.

Staycation in Dusit Thani Manila.

Since we were attending a wedding near Makati 2 weekends ago, T thought of checking in at Dusit Thani Manila.
Staycation.   A vacation spent at home or close to home (by choice!) instead of going on an out-of-town trip. -Joei's Dictionary

New From Starbucks: Mojicha + Earl Grey Jelly.

I told myself I'd cut down on unnecessary calories and jumpstart my healthy lifestyle change again but I was too devastated with the death of Ham that I really needed a pick-me-upper the other day. Decided to pass by Starbucks to get my usual when I saw this banner by the entrance.

Rest in Peace, Ham.

When I first thought of writing this blog entry, I wanted to explain (especially to non-animal lovers) how it feels like to lose a pet because all of this will seem ridiculous to a person who has never had one or has never loved one. But after burying Ham, words seem to escape my brain. Now all I want is to give him a tribute here in my little nook in cyberspace.

To Hammyboy, thank you for being the source of our happiness for almost 2 years. You will surely be missed. Have a blast in pet heaven ok?

We love you.

Happy Father's Day!

Just a simple Happy Father's Day to all dads here and in heaven... :)

Tanda: Powerful Beauty.

I'm not really a beauty junkie. I rarely use sunblock when swimming, an eye cream during nighttime or moisturize during the day. Most of my make-up are gifts from my mom and sister. But since I'm a techie person, beauty gadgets always appeal to me like the Clarisonic and those sold at

Tanabe Japanese Restaurant.

I know I promised myself never to write about things that are too personal but yesterday was a milestone for me. The first bill I ever worked on is finally a law! Republic Act No. 10165, otherwise known as The Foster Care Act of 2012. So happy that more kids will now have families and homes :). And like what I said in a previous interview, I can finally cross off one thing from my wishlist!

End Your Compromise and Win Surprises from Kotex! (CLOSED)

UPDATE (7/15): To everyone who submitted valid entries (uploaded a video as verified by Kotex), your prizes will be shipped soon. Thank you for joining and goodluck! I hope one of you gets the P20,000 grand prize. Let me know! ;)

Yesterday, we marked the 114th year of our country's independence from the Spanish rule.  Gone are the old days when women are told what they can do or what they cannot do.  

KOTEX® celebrates this milestone with us through the "End Your Compromise: The Reinvented Maria Clara Movement".  With a keen understanding of reality and what women go through, KOTEX® has worked tirelessly to ensure women regain their social lifestyles, fashion bravura, and ultimately, the confidence to express their femininity. 

Girls, what’s the boldest, most daring thing you’ve done beyond your comfort zone?

Your answers can pave the way for you to be chosen by KOTEX® in its newest promo, which shores up the brand’s battle cry for every reinvented Maria Clara who boldly stands by her passions and beliefs—even when you have a period!

Click the "Read More" link below to learn how you can win P20,000 and a lot of other prizes!

WWDC 2012: The New MacBook Pro.

I've been an Apple user since 'Sex and The City' days.  Remember Carrie and her candy colored laptop?  During that time, a lot of people tried to dissuade me from buying an Apple laptop. But I told them, once you get an Apple, you'll never go back. And I was right.  More than a decade later, it went 'mainstream' and now almost everyone owns at least an Apple product.

So yesterday, I was up until around 4 in the morning for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is a conference held annually by Apple to launch their new products, and they unveiled the new MacBook Pro!
"A Retina display with 5.1 million pixels. An all-flash architecture. Quad-core Intel Core i7 processors. In a design that’s just 0.71 inch thin and 4.46 pounds. It’s not just the most advanced notebook we’ve ever made, it’s the most advanced Mac we’ve ever made. -Apple"

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Meg Magazine's 30 under 30: Movers & Shakers for 2012.

Thank you Meg Magazine and Human for including me in your "30 Under 30: Movers & Shakers" for 2012.