"Feed a fever, starve a cold.", T would always say. But whenever I'm sick, I eat even more, which is unusual because the body's natural defense to sickness is loss of appetite. Well... not mine.

And since I've been feeling under the weather since last week, my drafts folder is starting to get filled with food entries. So let me start with our recent visit to Crustasia in Rockwell.

Crustasia's present interior is so different from what I remembered it to be. What used to be dark and formal is now floral and modern.

For starters, they served me and T complimentary turnips and carrots with 3 different dips. The perfect snack on a scorching hot day.

Ever since T got his first taste of lobster, we always make it a point to order one, if available. We got the Pacific Lobster (P675/$16) cooked "Singaporean Chili" style.

For their crabs, Crustasia has this price scheme:

500-700g P145/100kg
800-900g P155/100kg
1kg up P165/100kg

We got a 1kg crab cooked "Crab Maritess" style (P1,650/$38), which is basically oil, white wine and lots of garlic. It was really, really good.

For our vegetable fix, we ordered Lechon Kangkong.

Since ginger is used in remedies for sore throats, our server suggested Gingered Lemonade (P345/$8). Drinks come in 3 sizes: small (for one), medium (for two) and large (for three). We got the large one.

They gave us tools, bibs and cups of water with lemon slices to wash our hands in.

And we were ready to eat! T even got an extra order of rice in the middle of our meal. Everything was that good!

And here I am.. Dehydrated, feverish, sick girl with a big appetite and a pale face.

And because I had a Citibank credit card, they gave us free halo-halo for dessert. Too bad, I had a sore throat so I really couldn't enjoy mine.

With the flavorful food, light ambiance and friendly servers, T and I will surely go back to Crustasia to satisfy our under-the-sea cravings.

Dining Date: 12 May 2012

Ground Floor
Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Center
Makati City

Tel No.: (632) 728-5463


  1. What a crab! Pampabata huh? hehe.. You've got an awesome blog here.. tnx for dropping mine too. burp!

  2. You didn't eat with your hands?? Haha. I love Crustacia! But I sort of miss the old, more rustic interiors.

  3. MITCH. Anti-aging ;)

    KORYN. I did! So you know it's good!! (I remember telling you about my pet peeve right? ;))

  4. I love crabs but I haven't tried eating at Crustasia yet since my mom usually brings us tons of fat and live crabs when she goes to Pampanga. But, I'll make sure to try Crustasia soon.. :D That Crab Maritess and Pacific Lobster look so delish!!!

  5. Down with flu since Sunday, went to office yesterday coz of meetings and my officemate noticed that I'm namumutla. Filed leave today. Been looking at my food photos too.

    It's a treat looking at your food photos now. Parang gaganahan ako sa dinner later. :)


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